Click Frenzy: The Main Event 2022 General Discussion Thread

The Event is now finished!

Click Frenzy is back in New Zealand, and this time it's the Main Event that happens every November.

This time limited event runs for 53 hours and historically, has included partners from many big-name retailers and franchises.

Be sure signup to their website here to receive their newsletter and be in the running to win some of their 99% off deals. (You can always opt out after the event is over).

If you were a participant in last year's event, simply log back in again with the same username and password.

The event will be offering you a chance to score some 99% off deals: they've teased a Samsung Galaxy phone for $11 and 65 inch TV's for $18. To get these deals though, you'll need to be logged in and browsing the Click Frenzy website when a deal goes "live", and be prepared to respond to a pop-up notification that's asking you a certain question (30 minute time limit). Answers will be ranked by accuracy first and speed second, and winners will be contacted with a one-use discount code to buy their winning items with.

Visit their FAQ here to see an explanation

Remember: You will need a Click Frenzy account to access these 99% off deals when they go live, so be sure to create an account if you haven't already.

Tips: Be sure to also bookmark or follow their Instagram page as they sometimes use this to livestream events (which you need to watch to answer quizzes that unlock the 99% off deals).

Confirmed 99% off Deals:

7pm-8pm iPhone 14 Q
11am-12pm Galaxy Buds2 Pro Q

See all Click Frenzy Deals on our page here

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2022

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    • It's not showing for me yet

      • +1

        It can be anytime between 11am and 12pm.

  • +2

    MacPac :)

  • +1

    boom, i was fast, but… fast enough?

  • Its up.

    Whats a participating store with letter M

  • When do they contact the winner?

  • Is there only one winner for each 99% item?

    • For the iPhone, I'm guessing yes. The buds pro, there were a few winners last time around. Stand mixer, don't know.

      • when's the stand mixer comp go live?

        • +2

          Have to wait for the email to find out. Just like the other items.

  • Saving my energy for the stand mixer

  • +3

    Click Frenzy newbie here, how many people actually gets to buy the item at 99% discount?

    Is it just one (first) person in all of NZ? Or perhaps the first five/ten/twenty etc?

    • +2

      Don't think they've stated how many winners there will be. The pricier items, typically one winner per item.

      • +1

        Ahh okay, yeah there was nothing in the FAQ about this. Thanks for the info! Hopefully they're willing to part with more than just one of these ear buds.

  • I've never been able to get the pop-up to open despite disabling my chrome extensions on my laptop browser for pop-ups or my android device on chrome.

    Any recommendations on fool-proof ways to set this up for the next opp?

    • +2

      Did you disable block pop-ups in the browser settings?

      Could always download a different browser and keep it blank.

    • It works via cookie delivery, so maybe turn off strict tracking prevention (or tracking prevention entirely).

      • I don't think chrome has any kind of in-built privacy protection?

        I would go to the chrome://discards to make sure the tab isn't being hibernated and to prevent it altogether.

  • +1

    Super gutted, was checking constantly for the earbuds but had to go into a meeting that took up the entire 11am-12pm block, and missed out 😭

    • +1

      Well aren't you getting paid for working?

      • +3

        I don't often take morning tea/afternoon breaks, and I consistently work after-hours with no overtime pay. Yes, I will check my phone every so often for a chance to win something, and I feel no guilt for doing so.

  • Interesting that the mixer hasn't been added to the store yet. Maybe they do it after the fact.

    • Was just thinking the same thing and the pressure I'll get from my misses too.

    • Interesting that it has been added now but still no email about the time

      • Don't know why they are adding them one by one now as the texts haven't even gone out yet.

  • are we still expecting the stand mixer 99% tonight?

  • They don't usually do any prizes this late, usually all done early evening.

    • +1

      They just did the last question for the Ozzy version

      But they also have a lot more prizes

      • I remember last year waiting til it ticked over to midnight expecting a final question lol.

        • +2

          😃 I remember that too. But we also didn't know if there were more prizes or not, whereas here we do. But hey, also wouldn't be surprised if they forgot about us lol

    • Classic Click Frenzy

      • +1

        Another midnight fail haha.

    • So stingy, what did grabone sponsor them with, a coupon for $5 off min $100 spend?

  • +1

    Sent a message to Click Frenzy on both their NZ and Australian Facebook pages, and also sent them an email. Nothing so far.

  • +3

    I’ve just come across this thread… the stand mixer pop up was between 2-3 yesterday. They promoted it on the radio station ZM for the previous few days and they gave the notification of when the pop up would come :-)

    • +1

      I was on from 1pm - 4pm. Didn't see it once. Had it open the entire time while watching a video. Must've had bad timing.

      Man… how would you even know to listen to ZM for the clue.

      • +1

        Yeah I just happen to listen to them when I work from home, didn’t know how Click Frenzy worked when the pop up appeared (about 2:40pm) so I think I was probably too slow to actually get the mixer. Lesson learnt for next time!

        • +1

          Ah well. Thanks for the update regardless and welcome to Cheapies.

          • +2

            @Wakrak: Ah great, next year we will now need one cheapies member per radio channel dedicated to listening 24/7 for drop times for every radio broadcast in NZ. And don't forget the TV, magazine and newspapers that will need reading and watching.

  • Weird I had it open also

  • If you are successful, you will be contacted via mobile from Click Frenzy with a unique discount code to complete your purchase at a 99% discount on the RRP! Please note, it may take until 11:59pm (NZDT) Monday Monday, 14 November 2022 for all text messages to be sent.

    When I won the iPhone back in May, text arrived at 12:10pm.

  • Did no one got the text?

  • +1

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they just didn’t send the texts out at all lol

    • They still haven’t responded to the email I sent them four days ago. Either us Cheapos weren’t good enough this year or they just couldn’t be bothered sending the prizes lol

      • Whole thing seemed poorly run. I suspect if this was run as an "in store" promotion there would be a lot of complaints, and likely fall foul of the Fair Trading Act (for several reasons), or even the laws that govern competions (which looking at their terms and condition for NZ and comparing to the AU one makes me wonder if they've bothered reading them).

        The grey area likely was is this (99% deals) a sale or a competition? They don't seem to have met the rules for either

      • I wonder if it's a one-man show at the CF NZ office.

        My guess is this year their headcount is significantly reduced and the number of employees at CF NZ is much less than before due to their budgets being smaller.

        Checking their LinkedIn it seems they only have 13 employees:…

        This doesn't bode well for the future of CF in NZ, either because the market is too small, or the bad timing with interest rate rising and consumer spending going down. Would not be surprised that CF might not run next year.

        • Felt like there was only one person manning the customer service desk back in May. Whether it be by email or messenger, Roy(?) was always the one to respond. And it typically took a while too from what I recall.

  • Interesting that noone has received a text from this group at all.

  • +3

    I just got a code for the Samsung galaxy buds. How am I supposed to redeem it? because at the checkout discount code section, it keeps saying it's not valid for items in your cart

    • +1

      Send Click Frenz a message.

    • +1

      Now you got me quickly checking my phone every time it vibrates 😄. Though I doubt I won anything this time around.

    • +1

      Same here actually, same 'prize', tried a few different browsers and again this morning and I'm wondering if we'll get a response before the offer runs out. sigh.

      • The weird thing in the text was that it said I won the "Samsung ear buds" instead of "Samsung Galaxy Buds2 pro"

        • +1

          Yeah that was enough to make it all feel like a low effort promotion, do they read their emails even? I tried the code against the other products in the nz store to see if it was that sort of mix up but no luck. I'll let you know if I hear anything from them (fingers crossed) and I trust you will do the same .

          • +1

            @Surreal: @GeorgeOfTheJungle I had an email from them now "please try again" but it isn't yet working, so I'll see what they come back with

            • +1

              @Surreal: I emailed them the error picture and they said the team resolved it and its working now!

              • +1

                @GeorgeOfTheJungle: @GeorgeOfTheJungle right behind you, copy-paste your exact experience it seems.
                Now we just wait to see what they actually send us ;-)

        • +1

          last time around, we were supposed to get galaxy buds pro, however they sent out galaxy buds live. they have probably changed it to generalize whatever old stock they have in a warehouse. the box of my galaxy buds lives they had sent was very dirty. I had sent them an unhappy email about how come i was promised galaxy buds pro and about 6 months later they emailed saying they have stock of galaxy buds pro and I need to swap buds at their office.

        • +1

          Got a response from them VIA email why the code isnt working saying it should work now, unfortunately mine still isnt working

  • No text about iPhone yet?

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