This was posted 1 year 3 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Up to 3 Free Hot Drinks (Barista Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea) via Refer a Friend @ Z Energy (App)


Up to 3 Free Hot Drinks per account (Barista Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Tea) Refer a Friend at Z Energy (App).

Might be a good opportunity to use some of those spare sim cards you have.

Referral Links

Z App: random (10)

Referrer gets 1 free coffee (up to 3 max).

Z Electric: random (21)

Referee gets 50L+ extra 25L. Referrer gets 50L.

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  • I wonder when Z will get cheapie’d again… thanks for sharing OP

  • Protip : avoid z tomorrow at 8am

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      I think I've missed something… Why?

      • +1

        Because everyone will be getting their free coffees then 😆

  • Anyone managed to do this? Tried it with a spare Sim card but didn't see anywhere to enter the referral code on signup. Did I miss something obvious somewhere?

    Edit: Tried with another spare sim and there's definitely no option to enter the code when signing up, then once signed up and logged in it's not accepted as a promo code either. You get the free drink etc on the new sim for signing up anyway, but can't see anywhere to use the referral code for the original account.

    • It’s 100% there, small writing, but it is there. I think it was when you enter your name.

      Is there an expiry on this signup bonus? Not the coffees themselves, but to refer a ‘friend’ for more free coffees?

  • Question for anyone who has done this, did you get a free hot drink or free pie voucher?? Everything points to a free hot drink so not sure if it is just a naming scheme:…

    • Follow up to this, emailed support and they added the coffee voucher (valid for 90 days) and was allowed to keep the pie one :)

      • Nice. What was the code you put in?
        And did you claim the pie?

        • I used the code from within the Z App from the top banner "Free hot drink on us!"

          I was able to claim the pie with no issues!

          • @Moodkiller: Wait what, how did you get the free pie? Another glitch? I only got free coffee.

            • @The Hound: !! Either purely by chance or glitch. The impression I got through communication with Support staff is they weren't worried and put it down to a glitch (which may have been fixed now)

  • Can we have this added to the referral system?

    I have a code to share but when I add it to the Z Electric referral it doesn’t accept. Please PM me if you want it. :-)

      • Oh awesome - sorry I was supposed to ask on that thread too :-)

    • Z App has been added. Z Energy.

      I've set the expiry to 90 days so those who have exhausted their codes hopefully won't add their codes back in if they've maxed out their coffees.

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