Skinny 6 Months Free Contract Is Almost over. What’s Next?

Cheapies like me who signed up for last years’ 6 months free broadband contract with Skinny should be coming to end next month.
Any similar deals?
What are the cheaper options to move on to?

Best I found was 2degrees unlimited Fibre (835/497Mbps) with Amazon Prime for $90.


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    Some questions off the top of my head:

    • What speed do you want?
    • Most you'd like to spend?
    • Do you care about contract length?
    • Do you require a modem?
    • Bonus preference (credit vs. subscriptions vs. fridge vs. other)?
    • Bundle with power or no? Who's your mobile provider?
    • Static IPv4, static IPv6, DHCP etc?
    • Do you typically require support (quic vs. Spark)?
  • Good luck finding anything as good as that deal now! Skinny will only offer one month free to existing customers if you sign up for another 12 months.

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    Have someone tried signing-up another 12month contract with Skinny but using your spouse name and get the 3 months free? In short, does "existing customer" means the house address or the person applying? :)

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      probably the person. if not rentals will have issues.

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      Have done this before. It is the person, not the address.

  • Electrickiwi is now offering their electricity customers broadband (must bundle with power).

    Free Netgear wifi 6 orbi router, first 2 months are currently free and no contract so leave anytime! Router is customer owned so you get to keep it.

    After 90 days with EK you qualify for Skinny new customer offers again ie another 3 months free with Skinny if available & you feel the need =)

  • Is 2degrees fibre good? I assume most NZ providers are the same these days but its nice to hear customer feedback

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      Pretty much all fibre is identical since it is almost all provided by Chorus.

      The differences are in price, service, modem, terms etc.

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        Also 2degrees put you behind a CG-NAT, which may or may not be a problem

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    I have asked them to do me a new 3 months free deal and they say they can only give existing customer 1 month free. So off I will be going.

    I will probably sign up for this one

    • Good to know, I'll not waste my time with call center then.

    • So they would rather lose the customer to another ISP than give the deal. Doesn't make much sense when people are locking themselves into another 12 month contract.
      That looks on OK deal, but do they only offer it if you go through that compare website? Their normal website doesn't offer that deal and their normal prices aren't great. Can you use the skinny modem with it?

      • That's right. You have to go through the compare website.
        You totally can use the skinny modem with it. It is actually a very good modem. Keep VLAN 10 and change PPPoE to DHCP.

  • Mine also came to an end. Is there an early termination fee for leaving after the 6 months? Looks like $99 as far as I can see? Don't like the fact that that I can't use my own router, bought Netgear mesh units, but they didn't want to provide me with the login details.

    • Use their router, and plug your own router into that - if it is wired, it will still be faster than your WiFi anyway.

      Plus, you can now secure your own network properly, and not care if Skinny want to wipe or replace their unit.

    • but they didn't want to provide me with the login details.

      What login details?

      I'm using my own router on the 4 month free deal they offered a while back with no issues.

      • There's a section for the username and password to connect I guess. No sure if the password is generic. To be honest I didn't try.

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        I contacted Skinny recently about using my own router and they said to use skinny/skinny as the username/password. I guess it doesnt matter what you use. I havent tried it yet, might just wait and change providers to ElectricKiwi.

        • Yea, skinny/skinny is what we're using, but I think it just needs to not be blank. Plus VLAN tagging off and you should be good to go.

    • I am using my router with skinny. Search geekzone for your router specific details. Took me sometime to get it working on my asus router. I also have orbi mesh wired with it.

      • Interesting I'll give that a go thank you! I just found the the Orbi doesn't work the same as when it's set as the router. I'll do some checks when everyone is asleep :)

        • You will have to configure orbi using the browser to setup pppoe connection. App doesn't allow that configuration. I think you will have to disable vlan for skinny.

        • Try spark settings from here

          • @ace310: Spark have VLAN tag enabled. Skinny & BigPipe do not.

  • For those who want to move to 2 degrees.
    Go through to get $10 extra off.
    You don't need to rent a modem from 2 degrees, you can use the skinny modem by changing settings.
    Settings are here:
    You will get an Amazon Prime voucher on the first day via email.

    Don't even think about calling the 2d call centre, very high wait times. :D

    • Unless you're a Drax Project or Six60 fan - in that case you can listen to the same playlist over and over for the hour or so that you are on hold!

      • Interesting that, ten / fifteen years ago, 2Degrees had the best customer service, hands-down, and VodafONE was so bad that it wasn't even funny.

        Now, 2Degrees is awful (and One is still bad).

        Can't comment on Spark now, but ten years ago, they were okay.

        • 2Degrees are shocking.
          There is no call back system so you just have to wait. Longest I have taken was 90 minutes.

          I actually cancelled 2Degrees and moved to Skinny two months ago and am still waiting for them to finalise my account.
          It's now in credit. My wife has a 2Degrees mobile which gives a $10 discount for broadband and even though I don't have my broadband connection I keep getting credited with the discount.
          I've spoken to them a few times about sending the router back but they say they will send me the return courier pack when they finalise my account. In the mean time I keep getting more credit added every month!

          • @bigcheese: I'm still waiting for the courier pack for my old 2 Degrees router from 11 months ago!

        • Vodafone is still atrocious. When I had to call last year, it would regularly be 3 hour long calls per day. Their call centre just isn't very knowledgeable on anything

        • Snap was awesome, I was a very loyal customer of theirs until they got bought by 2degrees.

    • @jimpappa how'd you get the skinny modem to work on 2degrees? I've enabled 802.1q with vlan ID 10, set WAN to automatic IP and put IPv6 to automatic, yet it's not seeming to work.

      • My router model is VRV9517.
        I have the same settings for 80.2.1q and vlan id.
        I think WAN should be PPPoE.

        • Thanks, turns out the issue was with 2Degrees/Chorus. All sorted now.

  • My 6 months with Skinny ended this month as well, and just got an email today from my power company, Contact, offering me $300 credit and $85/m for an open term unlimited 900/500 fiber plan if I bundle it with my power.

    I don't know what they're like but seeing as it's an open contract and not fixed term then I figured I have nothing to lose so signed up. Worse case scenario is that I end up with a few free months of mediocre internet.

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    I was on EK for power, mobile and broadband with vodafone but recently swapped over the trust bundle deal as they were cheaper for power.

    12 month contract for fibre, power, mobile
    6 months fibre free
    3 months mobile free
    $50 credit for online sign up
    $15 discount/month after the first 6 free months for fibre
    $5 discount/month for mobile

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