This was posted 1 year 8 months 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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10% off Your Entire Order @ The Warehouse


10% Off Your Entire Order at The Warehouse.

It looks like it covers the entire range. Offer shows in the product page and is automatically applied in your cart.

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  • I can't see anything about a 10% offer. Can you please post a screenshot?

  • No sign of the 10% off offer here either. OP, could you post a screenshot or link to offer? Be great to have 10% off at the moment!

    • I've loaded a screenshot up top

      • Thanks, appears to be App only which wasn't in the original title. Great, time to shop!

  • It doesn't say 10% off until you add it to the cart. I try to price match the red bull 4 pack but it says "no agents online" ?

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    Works on PS5s

    • Doesn't work on gift cards

      • +1

        That was the first thing I checked!

    • +1

      COD MW2 down to $81 on preorder with 10% discount and $5 off $50

      • .#GreenWall (hoping there are some CoDComp fans on here).

  • Would have been good to stack with the 20% off Outdoor Furniture MarketClub offer, but it looks like they’ve removed that deal since Wednesday…

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    anyone else getting 15% off?

    Spend $50 get $5 off -$5.00
    15% off your order -$152.10

    This in the small print at checkout. Maybe only for market club + members?

    Spend $50 get $5 off Offer ends 11/10/2022
    15% off your order Offer ends 19/10/2022

    • Mine's 15% as well. Actually received it yesterday but I thought it was targeted.

  • App only, stacks with the $5 off $50 offer.

  • Bugger xbox $70 gc is out of stock otherwise xbox series s would be a great deal

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    Switch OLED down to $552.60 with 10% off and $5 off $50

  • Showed in app for me, worked well

  • Nice, Just in time for the Google TV 4K.

  • Playing around with it in the app. Doesn’t seem to apply to items that are already on a bundle deal (Eg sealord tuna, 2 for $5).

    Anyone know if the 10% discount applies to items that have been price matched?

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      Yes, I just ordered price matched items with extra 10% off

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        Price match does work I also tried.

        • I just price matched a few items and the 10% discount stopped applying to them. Weird! I’ll just buy them at whichever price is cheaper haha (price match vs 10% off)

  • Tried with Kiwi garden products, doesnt work

    • Worked for me.

      • What about "in-store purchase only" items? Can we still get the 10% off?

        • If you can somehow complete the purchase on the app, maybe.

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    Price matching + $5 off $50 spend + 10%, works like a treat :)

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    "We currently have a high request for price promises please bear with me." They're being cheapied again.

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      12 days left (which is the most surprising thing), so no rush.

      • As long as they don’t raise the retail price in the next 12 days!

      • Some low-stock items might be gone quickly though.

      • Spoke too soon - looks like it’s gone!

        • 😬

        • I'm not surprised. A deal like this is not sustainable.

  • 10% no more?

    • when i on the cart page, i can still see the 10% applied. when I come to payment page, the 10% off has gone. Went back to the cart, 10% off disappear!

  • Just about to place and order, I can see the discount, refreshed the amount and it's gone. Maybe it's another deal by mistake 😂

    Can people confirm if the deal is not available anymore?

    • Yes. Looks like 10% off has disappeared

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    Ahh, I'm too late!

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      Back on.

  • Merged from Did I See 20% off Outdoor Furniture with The Market Club or Am I Imagining Things?

    I swear I saw an outdoor furniture offer in this week's deals and it's no longer there? Or have I confused myself with last week?

  • Thanks for posting, OP. Got the Optimus prime price matched with 10% off + $5 off.

  • Ohh bugger, I didn't bother with buying anything cos I saw it was valid until the 19th. I guess it was a mistake in the app.

    • Back on.

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    Back on.

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      The Warehouse are such a tease!

  • ibought 5 dollar coffee was 4.50 wen in cart

  • Can't see the 10%off in cart. Have they taken it back again?

    • Yep - gone again

      • Are they excluding things each time or is it based on time?

        • I’m not sure what’s going on.
          One minute it’s there and the next it’s gone, even though it stated it was good until the 18th Oct.

          • @bigcheese: I think we can assume it'll come back. We all have a fairly good idea with the warehouse website and its functionality.

  • Is this unexpired (again)?

    • Looks like a mod did it. Though it's not working yet today.

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    I asked through the chat function just before and was told it was a technical issue and wouldn’t be back….. still hoping it does pop back up though

    • That's so weird. How does a sale become a technical issue and then they just cancel it. Come on the warehouse you can do better.

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    So I asked in chat today about this. The rep I got said it was a targeted offer and if I was no longer able to see the offer then I wasn't eligible for it. When I suggested that I had been able to see it initially and the offer said valid until the 18th she didn't really have any answers for me. I don't know why they would make an offer like that targeted at people and then change who it was targeted to after it had gone live, very strange. Not a great look for your customers.

    • +2

      Someone has definitely stuffed up somewhere. Unfortunately it's not a huge surprise.
      I do however have a number of orders that I placed ready to go with click and collect that I probably wouldn't have placed without the 10% off storewide. So still pretty happy with this.

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    Got ps5 10% off !

  • Any predictions on the repeat of this sale.
    I’m looking to buy Warehouse TV. Bit confused between Veon & JVC.

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      It was supposed to run until 19 Oct, but it was expired early. Impossible to predict when this will happen again, but not likely it'll happen anytime soon.

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