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Oak Baked Beans 420g $0.77 (Clearance, Normally $1.40) @ The Warehouse (Instore Only)


Oak Baked Beans 420g $0.77¢ Clearance (Normally $1.40) at The Warehouse.


Tomato Sauce (Tomatoes (34%), Water, Sugar, Salt, Maize Flour, Maize Thickener (1412), Vegetable Gums (412, 466), Spices, Spice Extracts, Garlic, Food Acid (Acetic Acid), Flavour), Navy Beans (45%)

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    They are clearing these to make way for their The Market Branded stock.

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      Damn, I always add these to my The Market orders when I need a few more dollars to reach the voucher threshold. Hope whatever beans they're replaced with are nice.

    • LAME, always used the market to get oak bean way cheaper than supermarkets :(

      At this rate seems we'll have thewarehouse Supermarkets in 3-5yrs

      • Can but hope the CC sticks to its guns and facilitates that.

        • Oh yeah for sure, I've noticed ever since the CC investigation was in the news prices have dropped for a lot of products during specials when few weeks/months before they wouldn't drop that low despite that were going into recession and our dollar tanking.

          • @Huntakillaz: Also a lot of prices on other things have gone up. I think they are trying to make hay while the sun shines. If you have a pricing problem with t a supermarket, there is currently nowhere to really go with that complaint apart from the store, as the CC don't act on behalf of individuals and don't act on all complaints. A watchdog is well overdue.

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        No mention of made in NZ in the description. Not great IMO . Wonder how the taste and the % of beans compare.

        • The new Market brand beans are made in Italy, says 51% beans, but looking at the protein levels it looks like a lower quality bean, than say Oak or Watties whom use Navy beans. They look to be the equivalent of the Countdown store brand baked beans. So IMO they look inferior to Oak.

      • A higher percentage of beans with Market Kitchen.

        • Interesting that Oak actually seem to be made by Watties, but Watties are now $3.10 a tin.I find they do taste quite similar, but seem to have a lower % of beans to Watties. The imported baked beans being sold in UK stores like Audi and Asda are so much cheaper than they sell similar beans in NZ for, at least half the price..

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    Combine this with the $5 off $50 coupon and you could get 72 tins for $50.44

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      Be sure to get some air freshener too :)

    • Not as good a deal though as the big tins of watties ones they were selling for about $3-4, which had the capacity of about 7-8 normal tins. When just a normal 420gm tin of watties is now $3.10.

  • Gluten free for coeliac's.

  • Oak are actually a good brand and made in NZ. If they are going to sell some under the own brand, I hope they are the same, and made in NZ, not cheap imported ones. In the UK, they sell cheap baked beans for about 40-50 cents, but the same imported beans in NZ sold by supermarkets are sold for around $1 and they taste bad and have lots of liquid in them. So a big potential profit margin in selling cheap imported baked beans.

    • Oak is quite underrated imo. Other brands are "tastier" but that is due to the mountains of salt. I wonder if The Market is similar.

      • They do seem to have added flavours. I was surprised that Watties make them. IMO Watties and Oak are the best, after comparing them with homebrand beans which all seem to be imported.

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    Whittaker's Lavender and Peppermint Block 100g (Limited Edition) - $1.97…

    • Good find. I added this to my order. :D

  • Hope they have the spaghetti coming up

    • They do! Went and got a tray this morning @ Palmerston North

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    Thanks for sharing.
    This is my favourite brand of baked beans. To me, it's even better than Watties.
    At $0.77, it is still worth buying than the Value brand ($0.69) at Pak'nSave.
    Too bad that they don't have Oak beans in BBQ Sauce (couldn't find it anywhere now)

    Bean 45% seems to be wrong in the 420g can, as it is 53% in 2.95kg can (…)
    Oak baked beans is not watery like Value or even Watties.

  • Here's the Oak Spaghetti 420g. As of posting this there are 545 units in stock.

  • Beans back in stock. There are 188 units in stock as of posting this.

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  • Flour prices have gone up to $1.80 - $2.10

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