This was posted 1 year 8 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB $2139.99, 14 Pro 128GB $1949.99 & More @ Costco (in-Store Only, Membership Required)


Apple product pricing

Limit of 5 units per member
90 Days change of mind return policy on certain electronic goods applied.

As of now Macbooks are not in stock, but will be in future.

Some of the items might be cheaper at education store or somewhere else.

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Costco New Zealand
Costco New Zealand

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    Some of the items might be cheaper at education store or somewhere else.

    You've somewhat undermined your own deal OP. Education Store iPad pricing for example:

    iPad Air Wifi - Space Grey
    $959 or $1209

    iPad 9th Gen 10.2 Wifi - Space Grey
    $529 or $769

    iPad Pro - Space Grey
    $1869 / $1449 / $1269

    Also, are your screenshots for Ants?

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      Fixed the images. Copied wrong link lol.

    • That meme/reference deserves an upvote by itself.

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    Where is there stock from? Is it E-SIM only stock?

    • Good question, but I got no idea. Friend send me those photos.

      Edit: I assume it will be international version.

  • Any AirPods?

  • Does anyone know if Costco ships nationwide?

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      Not yet. They plan to do it next year.

      • Great, thanks, its good to know!

  • are these even good deals?
    quick google JB hifi has the Iphone pro max 14 cheaper

    also theres a fee to be a member for costco?

    • Can you provide a link? Were you comparing against Australian site?

      • Most likely the Australian prices.

    • Care to share how are you getting lower price on JB compared to Costco.
      They are expensive for about $60~$70 at JBHifi.

      • yeah my bad, was looking at the wrong site

        "They are expensive for about $60~$70 at JBHifi." so the cost of Costco membership pretty much

        • Yes, cost of membership, but it's not like you are going to pay membership fee everytime for the rest of the year. There are few good bargains as well along with occasional great deals. All depends on your needs and proximity to the store

    • yea i get that costco just opened but not everything there is a deal

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    for that price and those specs iphone is a ripoff

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      Since when is the iPhone ever a good deal?

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        When it’s still worth something when you sell it?

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          theres heaps of iphones 13 pro for 1.2k on facebook/trademe, this is 50% off its full price 1 year later

    • Apple hardware communicates much better with the software and other hardware within the phone than any Android phone I've used

      I used to be an Android user, forever having apps crash, slow, buggy. Sure, you can do a lot more customisation, but what's that worth when your phone is buggy as hell

      I made the switch back when I was studying IT when speaking to another older IT student and he made the comparison, I've never looked back!

      Each to their own though!

      • The whole point of Apple's business strategy is to create an ever taller walled garden so as to make it hard to leave, and then milk those iSheep for all they're worth.

        One particular strategy is to have green chat bubbles for messages sent from Android phones on iMessage. Apparently people (especially ladies) are shallow enough to discriminate based on the colour of the chat bubbles.

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          Android can send iMessages?

          • @baishishun: yep, send and receive

          • @baishishun: Any message from non-Apple sources (For Android, usually via SMS) is shown with a green chat bubble in iMessage.

            However this is usually moot outside the US as most non-Americans use chat apps like Whatsapp to communicate.

            • @Avantime: But that’s just normal message it is not iMessage. If not using green colour, other colour also needed. If not how can you tell you can send message for free or not? (Because iMessage to iMessage is free and support more functions)

        • Business strategies aside, based on my own experience with Apple and Samsung, I much prefer to use Apple. I find the user experience is much better. I'm sure Android has improved vastly since I last used it, but this is only based on my experience from when I used Samsung and switched to Apple.

          I looked into it a little bit a while ago and Apple phones are also much more secure than Android's from a forensics point of view

          There are things I disagree with Apple on - I feel like the phones should have the universal USB-C charging port for instance

    • Aren't similar specs samsung similar priced? iPhone do retain the re-sell value over time compared to any android phone. But again it's hard to compare apple vs android. Agreed lately iphone prices are expensive.

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    $2000 for a phone is not a deal. dont buy this garbage

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