This was posted 1 year 4 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Costco NZ Opening Specials - LG 50” 4K LED LCD - $899.99 @ Costco (in-Store Only, Membership Required)

  • LG 50” 4K LED LCD Smart TV 50UQ80006LB - $1099.99 $899
  • Cherie 2-Tier Basket w/Banana Hook - $34.99
  • Puma Women’s Tee - $14.99
  • Puma Men’s Hoodie or Pants - $29.99
  • Cage Free Chicken Breast Boneless & Skinless - $7 per pack
  • Duracell Alkaline Batteries AA/AAA 40 pack - $16.99

Plus many more

I was expecting better deals but I think they might have missed the hype they would have got if had better deals. Not sure if more deals will be there in-store or if this is part of the deals.

Price reduced to $899

Thanks @coffeee

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  • Not sure what your link is OP but goes to a dead page for me.

    • Updated it.

  • Will anyone be likely to price match Costco offers?

    • At least in Auckland they should as Costco is a physical store.

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        Pretty sure because you need a membership for costco, other stores are not going to price match. Pretty sure there was a discussion about this on this site.

  • +7

    Pretty underwhelming tbh. Some of those RRPs are real high

    • +1

      Agreed, you'd think for a grand opening they'd have some deals worth raving about.

  • Kinda meh, the 40packs battery price is decent but the rest?

    • Yeah, not very exciting really, maybe like what many have expected, still "NZ pricing" at the end of the day.

  • the chicken Breast are "$7.00 Off pack"
    so assuming its 1Kg packs, it'll be $3.99. Well thats how I comprehend it anyways.

    • There is no mention of weight per pack. But usual price is listed as $10.99/kg

    • Says $10.99 per kilo though

      • Normally pak and save sells for $9.99 kg special

    • Being Costco, probably be large packs. Makes the deal less appealing imo.

      • +1

        Good to note though, don't expect huge savings on meat (over Pak'n'save for example). But Costco (US at least) is know for the high quality of meat for an affordable price.

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    Saw the news,they showed off the big diamond before opening, are they trying to test their security level against in Auckland?Haha

    • How long until costco gets ram riaded?

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    I'll say that the Costco coupons/deals aren't really that special anyway (from Costco US experience).
    But generally you should save a nice amount on the day to day items (specially when you buy the homebrand Kirkland).

    But I do agree, with opening the first store in NZ, you would expect better opening specials.

    • From past experience they tend to have some good specials occasionally like during Christmas, black friday, labor weekends etc in US. Most of them had a coupon and limits for big ticket items.

      Yes, kirkland comes out cheaper on everyday items if you can consume the large packs.

  • +3

    These are like 1-Day "deals"

    • lol

  • Will costco deliver to your house? or is it only store only

    • +1

      Instore only currently. Will take at least 1 year before Costco sets up online shopping.

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    LG 50" LCD TV at Best Buy in USA prices out at $644NZD so, yeah, not exactly pushing the boat out at Costco are they?

  • Thanks for the pricing, but damn $16.99 to have Duracell batteries leak in my devices. No thanks Costco.

    • Yeah, and there are rumours about their house brand, KS batteries were from the same brand, and I've seen a few people complaining about them leaking too

      • Good to know. I stick to Panasonic, Varta and SCA now as good cost/energy density and haven't leaked yet.

    • No point switching from the Varta batteries from Bunnings.

  • Costco said in the news that they're not going to disclose their opening specials as Foodstuffs & Countdown would then just put the same price on similar items. One is hoping that there will be better deals in-store from tomorrow.

  • Anyone looked into whether its possible to apply for membership in a country where its cheaper than $60 - it says costco cards are valid at locations worldwide.

    • You would need to submit a photo id from that country, so unless you have that it won't be possible. Also, I believe Costco online works only in origin country. For. eg Costco NZ membership won't allow you to purchase online in AU/US.

    • you need proof of ID and address to pickup the card, they dont post either so you will have to travel.

    • I'm going to USA and it's $60 USD so better to get a NZD one. I think Aussie is A$60 too. So maybe NZ membership is one of their better buys

      • A Korean was complaining in their fans group about it being more expansive here, I just checked, it's 38500 KRW there, about $47.50 NZD.

    • +3

      Hmm, hoping for a Costco in Turkey?

  • Anyone know if Costco are going to have a surcharge for credit card payments in New Zealand? I've not heard they will but it wouldn't surprise me if one of the big chains start to soon….

  • +1

    All that hype for a page of 15 rather average deals…They should have done a walmart style opening and given away some tv's for $500.

  • Will be interesting to see how black fridays looks here now..

  • Anyone know whether you can go into Costco without a membership but not buy anything? Would be keen to have a look at more prices/products in person before committing to a membership.

    • No. You can only accompany with a member. A member can take upto 2 adult guests and unlimited kids.

      • +2

        Lol at unlimited kids. Booking in the whole daycare now.

        • I identify as a teenager

      • Do you know if its possible to borrow a family members card and go? For example if I had a card, could I lend it to my wife to go instead of me, or my parents?

        • +1

          No. They check the photo on the card. Membership allows an additional member so you should have 2 cards.

    • You can buy the membership and then get refunded if you don't like it

  • NOT impressed. I don't have high hopes after all, it is not like buying from Costco exempts from paying for the whopping 15% GST.

  • My friend went today for a VIP event, I tried to zoom in on the photos, but can't see any details except "ALL PORK HOT DOG AND 590mL SODA (With Refill)" $1.99

  • +2

    The people who went to the VIP event just now put up more photos of prices, not over exciting from what I see, but I don't know much about prices of things like Dr Pepper, etc. Some examples are:

    24x 355 ML Dr Pepper $29.99
    12x Coca Cola Cherry $15.99
    60x 85g Whiskas So Fishy Wet Cat Food $49.99
    2x 1L Aveeno Daily Moisturising Wash $37.98
    6x 200 ML Lynx Body Spray Africa $32.99
    50cm Squishmallows $44.99
    Husky Coca-Cola 130L Bar Fridge $749.98
    Husky Chest Freezer (size not sure) $899.99
    Uniden UHF CB Handhelds Quad Colour Pack UH35 (Walkie Talkie?) $99.99

    etc, many more photos on their FB fans group if anyone is interested.

    • +2

      Wow, those aren't impressive at all

  • Rotisserie chickens are $7.99 each 😀

  • +1

    I saw fb posts. Most of the prices are very much regular. Yes there are items which might not be available anywhere else plus the bulk packs might end up cheaper if you can consume those. Some of the stuff might be a good buy plus costco warranty on big ticket items would be good. Occasional sales will be great.

    • Seen a few mentions of their warranty. Genuine question, what makes it so attractive?

      • Most of the items can be returned with no questions asked. Once I saw a news about a woman returned a half eaten birthday cake saying they didn't like it and costco refunded back. Obviously that's bad to take something like that back but oh well.

        I have returned couple of electronics back in US after using it for few days as it was not what I was looking for.

        • That is where all those "ex-demo" products come from

          • @The Hound: Yup. Sometimes you can grab a good deal. I have got few like those and all of them are covered with warranty so worth it.

        • IIRC Warehouse used to do that, until they changed to resalable condition unless defective although it was only for their 28 days or whatever

          Edit:… seems to confirm my memory, also it seems Farmers might have been similar.

  • +2

    Hmmmm nothing there makes me wanna pay $60 and fight all the queues on opening week.

    • +1

      Don't, unless you can eat back the $60 from their cut-price foodcourt and rotisserie chickens.

      I went there tonight and as I expected, the prices are a bit meh. Most bulk grocery items are like $20-30 each, It feels like you're buying 3x the stuff but paying 3x-4x the price, especially if you're used to seeing the lowest prices on They also carry a lot of US brands but they aren't cheap either, as well as stuff like chilled Wagyu beef at $160 a tray. I'm pretty sure the fellas at PaknSave Westgate will sleep easy tonight.

      Same for the hardware and homeware items. Bunnings is still where I would go.

      • So you need to be a member to eat there as well then or to enter the store?

        • AFAIK yes. The Foodcourt is located after the checkouts. The rotisserie chicken is in the butchery section. Customers were funnelled so they have to go through the store and checkouts in order to reach the foodcourt.

          Note I didn't actually eat at the foodcourt myself as it was far too busy on opening day.

      • Good to know. And I would assume they wanted to start with a bang, so these are probably their most competitive pricing.

  • Anybody knows pros and cons of joining membership online vs in store? Or is the same?

    • +1


      Irrespective of how you sign up, you will have to get the photo taken for the membership card.

      • Is the photo taken on site or do you provide a photo? Actually pretty good for reducing instore theft which I read as a barrier to entry

        • Instore. They click your photo and print it out right there.

  • On FB the tv is now 899.99


  • Anyone knows if they take American Express?

    • +1

      Don't think they do, they were struggling to get accepting Visa in place, only got it sorted like one week before opening. I heard AE charges a higher fee, doubt they will ever take AE here. They used to in the US when they had exclusive contracts with AE.

  • Just seen on Reddit that someone managed to get Mitre10 to price promise on a Masterbuilt Gravity 800 BBQ. So guess price matching may be possible going forward until they start differentiating the products and SKU codes?

    • Maybe until other retailers realise they need to update their T&Cs like TWH…haha, so better be quick before that happens, it won't last forever.

  • They have new "coupons" today:

    5.7L instant pot pressure cooker - $139.00
    2 pack Thermoflask vacuum insulated 1.18L bottles - $37.99
    75" Sony Bravia 4K LED TVKD75X80 - $2599.99
    90 pack Cascade dishwashing tablets - $29.99
    2x2kg Napisan gold pro $32.99


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