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$10 off $49 Spend @ The Market


Please check your email and see if you receive this.

Thanks so much for shopping with us.

Hopefully you’re happy with your order, but if not our customer service team are here for you.

We’d love to see you back again - here’s $10 off your next purchase over $49. Just use the code XXXXXXXX at checkout before 6 October.

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  • +1

    Yes I got one of these a few days ago.

    The code can be applied to any account - doesn't need to be The Market account that relates to the email.
    However, it is a single use code so once it is applied it can't be used by another account.

    In my case, I applied the code to my account with MarketClub+ membership so I at least get free shipping with the order.
    Once you apply the coupon you have until the 31st October to use it.

  • +1

    Got mine at the start of the week on an account that had only done one order. Added it to my main account with no issues.

  • what are some good things to buy with this coupon? i have plenty of these

    • I was going to stock up on TWH extra virgin olive oil, but it's out of stock.

    • +1

      i bought this for kids, ends up being the same price if you bought it from Aliexpress as well.

      • That looks fun! What else to add to the cart to make it $49?

        • Whatever you use regularly. Toilet paper, toothpaste etc.

        • haha yeah saw it on instagram and thought it would be quite cool for the kids.

          I added a few baby wipes to make the $49 :D

  • Didn't get nothing

  • Just noticed that I'm no longer a MarketClub member? The Vodafone MarketClub membership should last 5 years, shouldn't it?

    • Mine says it's valid until Feb 2032, so another 10 years.
      I signed up when I was on Vodafone ages ago and got the membership that way.
      Haven't been a Vodafone customer for years but it's still kept my membership.

      • It came back after I logged off/ back in.

  • lame, didn't get one :(

  • Interesting that I didn't receive one even though I have purchased few items recently in the market.

    • The code I received was for an account that I created only recently and had made one purchase in the month prior.

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