Affordable Android Phone for Home Music Streaming?

Hello, I'm looking to get an Android-based phone solely to use as a dedicated music-playing device at home only (Spotify, streaming radio etc).

I don't really know Android devices very well. I'm currently using an old Nexus tablet from 2014. As you'd expect, it's a bit sluggish and the battery is not in great shape.

Can anyone recommend a cheap-ish device that would be appropriate?


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    Pretty much any Android should be able to do this - if buying new (as opposed to something from a friend / TradeMe etc), maybe email or online chat with a store (or more than one!) and tell the person what you want it to do, and that you want the cheapest option they have.

    That way, if whatever they recommend doesn't work, you can take it back under the CGA as 'not fit for purpose'.

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    The market has a 10% off coupon at the moment, great for buying a phone from noel leeming or the warehouse

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    Why does it need to be a phone? Does it need to be portable? Why not use something better suited for the application?

    • Yes, portability within the confines of the house is a plus.

      But I'm open to other ideas. What would you suggest?

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    How about a tablet or even better Smart assistant like Google or Amazon Echo show?

    • Thanks for the suggestion.

    • +1 on this, get a few echo dot or google nest mini and put them around the house

    • Definitely.
      Something like the Echo Dot is relatively cheap, integrates easily with Spotify and you can use voice control to change songs/playlists, adjust volume etc.

      • Additionally connect speakers to it.

        • Agree you can, but just to note that we have found the speakers on the Echos to be pretty good by themselves (better than I would have expected at any rate).

      • those smart speakers are really good value, small but sound quality is good and loud. My Bluetooth speakers are retired.

  • Bit late to the party. This was best deal for it Easily trumps anything else for that matter.

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