This was posted 1 year 2 months 11 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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BpMe Free Reward - $0.15 Fuel Discount, Small Wild Bean Café Hot Drink or Ultra Clean Wash @ BP (Requires AA Smartfuel Card)


Participation is open to customers that did not participate in the previous one two FREE Promotion between June & August 2022.

That rules out at least 120 people.

I've deleted my account to see if I could qualify again, but it won't let me add the AA card that was used on my previous account.

To qualify for a Reward, an Eligible Entrant must, during the Promotion Period:


(a) sign-up or log-in to the BPMe app;
(b) tap on the promo tile;
(c) add a registered AA Smartfuel or AA Membership card (if not yet loaded to their BPMe account);
(d) select one of three rewards; and
(e) verify their mobile number

Rewards are one of the following 15c per litre fuel discount, Small Wild Bean Cafe hot drink or Ultra Clean wash*.

If you select a coffee

  • then one free coffee will be applied to your BPMe digital BPMe digital rewards card. This coffee is valid:
  • for 30 days from the time, it’s added to your digital BPMe digital rewards card;
  • at any Wild Bean Cafe;
  • for any small hot drink with up to one of each extra:
    • flavour shot;
    • coffee shot; and
    • non-dairy milk; and
    • for signature blend coffee beans.
  • If you choose to redeem the free coffee on a medium or large drink, or add more extras, then you will pay the difference. You must scan your BPMe digital BPMe digital rewards card in store when making payment.

If you select a car wash

  • one free Ultra Clean wash will be applied to your BPMe digital BPMe digital rewards card. This Ultra Clean wash is valid:
  • for one year from the time it’s added to your digital BPMe digital rewards card;
  • at any BP Connect; and
  • for any wash.

If you select a fuel discount

  • you will receive one 15 cents per litre discount (including bp's every day 6 cents per litre offer) on your next fuel transaction at bp with AA Smartfuel.
  • This fuel discount is valid for use on a single transaction of up to 50 litres of fuel., AA Smartfuel terms and conditions apply.

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    I signed up for a new smartfuel number through the AA app.

    Only problem im having is that after deleting my BP account, it wont let me reauthenticate my phone number. Thinks an account using it still exists. Im going to try again later, otherwise have some Kogan sims lying round.

    • Turns out I hadnt deleted my old account properly. Have got myself a new car wash.

  • Thank you!

  • Is anyone experiencing this? I'm getting the error message "We can't connect. Please check your internet connection" All other apps work fine.

    • Yeah its a very buggy app - this always happens when I try to pay in car…

      • I signed out and now can't even sign back in…

        • +4

          app is currently being cheapied

  • I'm one of the 120 people last time, so rules me out now.
    Still haven't used the free car wash from the previous deal.

    • Somehow I can't see free car wash in the app, even though I had claimed it last time.

      • This is what mine looks like in the App.
        I basically don't use BP at all so the free car wash can only be from the last promo.

        • Mine looks like this so I don't think I have car wash voucher.

          • @ace310: That's the main screen.
            What about on the rewards screen - click on the Piggy with $ on it at the bottom right of the screen.
            That's where my image comes from.

            • @bigcheese: Aah thanks. It shows me the free car wash there. I am pretty sure I checked it before and it was not there.

  • +1

    Which option is the best in terms of value?
    I'm inclined towards the discount as being a true cheapie I wash my car at home and make my own coffee.

    • +1

      That might be the best approach. I got the coffee last time because I buy my fuel with the SuperCard and I wash my car at home too.

      • Can SuperCard work at BP now? I saw this on the FAQs

        Do I need my fuelcard and a SuperCard?
        You can purchase your fuel from Caltex, Mobil, and Z Energy on your SuperCard and still take advantage of our discounted fuel prices.
        If you prefer to use BP for your fuel purchases please use your Fuel Card to take advantage of 3c per litre off the national fuel price at BP. Call 0800 731 266 for an application form.

        Why doesn't the new card work at BP and Gas?
        The BP and GAS EFTPOS system will not accept your new SuperCard. BP and GAS are working through the required system updates to enable the SuperCard to be accepted at all BP and GAS service stations.

        • Don't know. Never tried it there.

    • Car wash as it last one year, and if you don't mind scratches on paint (if any)

      • Some BP have touch free car wash.

  • They saw a ridiculous amount of signups in the last promo and decided to call it a success, and so decided to extend the promo. Awesome lol

  • Car wash is with BP connect stores only I think

    • And coffee only available at Wild Bean cafes only

  • Somehow I can't install it from play store, anyone has the same issue?

  • Is any one having trouble with there 15c going on there app? And wondering if they have fixed it yet

  • +1

    If repeating sign up…

    You Need to use a different AA smart fuel than last time
    - Don't need to use a real mobile number

    • After choosing your freebie, they will send a txt to confirm your mobile number. How do you bypass that?

  • Hm… I just went thru all this to get a free wash.
    Linked AA card, confirmed TXT message. Got the voucher for free wash.
    But now when I try to redeem it… it is asking to add a credit card, even if order total is $0 (free).

    Is it the same for you guys too? Is there any workaround? Or should I just link my same credit card to all accounts I would create for this promo?

  • So I went through the process and it said I got the 15c off per liter but it's still showing 0 both on the AA smart fuel app and bp. Has this happened to anyone else?

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