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Up to $600 Trade in Boost Towards iPhone 14 Series + Join on a $60/Mo Plan and Receive Half Plan Price First 6 Month @ 2 Degrees


2-degree new offer
1. First 6 month half price
2. iPhone trade in 600 boost

New Pay Monthly/Business customers only on a $60+ Pay Monthly Plan or $58+ Business Choice Plan when you buy interest free and Trade In. $600 repayable if you end your eligible plan within 12 months. Trade in on selected smart phones only.

Offer available for a limited time or while stocks last. Phone balance repayable if you end your eligible plan. Phone must meet trade in criteria including being fully functional with no damage, cracks or other defects that go beyond normal wear and tear. We reserve the right to amend or cancel the offer at any time. Plan, promotion, trade in and interest free T&Cs apply.

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  • just got the same today:) funny thing is their system calculated my iPhone 6s+64gb is cheaper than iPhones 6s+ 32gb!

  • Nice! do you know of a good deal like the Samsung A02 one from December last year? Looks like A03 is available but not A02, which isn’t as good. A03 is $199 at the Warehouse ($194 if using $5 off coupon) but only getting $344 in trade in value. A02 would have netted >$600 https://www.xchangemobile.com/NZ/2degrees

  • Looks to be on the 14 Pro only?

    • any iphone

  • iPhone 14 128GB with $60 plan

    You pay 130.83X12+29 = $1599 for the device
    You pay (30X6)+(60X6) = $540 for the plan (15GB with unlimited calls/texts)
    Total is $1599+$540= $2139

    Buy the device upfront+ Kogan large plan (maybe use afterpay if you want) $1600+$330 = $1930, saving $210.
    Now if you trade in you might get a good deal but otherwise not so great.

    Keen to know any loopholes we cheapies can find to get a better deal.

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      agree, only trade in good deal, i think price better than sell old phone on FB or trademe

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      If you're using 2degrees Broadband, potentially eligible for the $10/month discount for having a pay monthly plan, which helps bring the total cost down

    • I think only Good for very very old phones. Eg iPhone 5c iPhone 6. Those phones are difficult to get any value back from trademe or Facebook.

  • Any tips on how to maximise this trade in boost? ie a cheap phone to buy to trade in? Cheapest i can find is $200…

    • best samsung a03, $175 at PB, trade in value 77

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    Does the trade in boost also apply when purchasing at 12 months? As the T&C's only mention that you can't cancel within 12 months

    So if I have a spare Samsung s8+
    I should be able to get:
    $102 phone value + $600 Boost = $702
    $60 plan (half price first six months) = $540
    ($180*12) + $29 = $2189 for iPhone 14 pro max 128gb

    So in total at 12 months it should be $2027 in total, which seems a bit too cheap since I would be getting 12 months of the plan and decent savings on the phone as well.
    After the 12 months, I would switch back to my Kogan plan which is $165 yearly for the large plan.

  • Anyone have any experience with trade-in? How strict are they with the phone quality?

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