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15% off Babywise Nappy Boxes (Limit 2 Per Day), $5 off $50 Spend @ The Warehouse App (MarketClub)


$18.70 (was $22)

  • Babywise Jumbo Nappies Walker 64 Pack
  • Babywise Jumbo Nappies Junior 60 Pack
  • Babywise Jumbo Nappies Crawler 88 Pack
  • Babywise Jumbo Nappies Infant 96 Pack
  • Babywise Jumbo Nappies Toddler 72 Pack

How to get these offers:

  • Download The Warehouse app and login/register.
  • You should now see a MarketClub banner on your home screen, follow the prompts to join.
  • Make sure you have latest version of the app.
  • Offers can be used in any The Warehouse store and online through the app.

I haven't bought these nappies before so not sure what they're like. Reviews on the app are pretty good, 4-5 stars. Limit two. Nappies are $0.26 ea which is pretty good. You would need to spend $13 more to activate the $5 off.

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  • Had a search through Cheapies earlier this morning. Only relevant Babywise comment I could find was this from ace310

    For what's it worth.

    We have tried babyonline, treasures, pampers & huggies on our 2 daughters. Also, prefer the pants over regular nappies. Babyonline & treasures starts to smell a bit once they are partially full. Huggies has much better absorbing quality and last much longer than all others. Pampers are very close but hard to get them and are expensive.

    In order of preference
    1. Huggies or Pampers
    2. Treasures
    3. Babyonline or Babywise

    Response from jinxnz

    Also an additional feedback, as one who's tried Huggies, Pampers, Treasures, Rascal and Friends and Kiddicare range, I can say that in terms of absorbance and leak proof (my kid is 90% percentile, so chunky and heavy duty) that the order of preference for nappy pants goes:

    1. Rascal and Friends / Kiddicare (about same price nowadays and more expensive - but trusty as overnight diapers)
    2. Huggies or Pampers
    3. Treasures
    4. Babyonline or Babywise
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      After the comments from @jinxnz we tried Rascal & Friends Pants and loved it. Have been using them since then.

      My order preference would have Rascals on the top.

      • We've used Rascal + Friends for our firstborn and now our 2nd child. They've recently upgraded the nappy tech so look for the light green packaging.

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    The other offers for anyone interested:

    • Zuru 5 surprise mini brands series 1 $5
    • H&H Women's essential stretch tops & bottoms $5
    • butter $4
    • Necessities biodegradeable rubbish bags 60 pack 3 for $5 (normally $5 each)

  • Agree with the comments, you pay for what you get. They are ok if your child needs to be changed more often but for night time it's a no go for me.

  • I would agree with the comments about quality and paying for what you get, but note they they are pretty cheap so keep that in mind as that makes it worth it for lots of people.

    For younger kids, ie the first 2 or 3 sizes we actually found babywise the best option. We didn’t end up changing away from them until kids were over 1 and moved to the treasures care and nappy pants

    Also, they are a slightly different fit than other styles and we actually found when both of our kids were at the rolling over stage, other nappies would leak but baby wise were the only ones which didn’t leak.

    Like most things designed to fit a human, we’re all different shapes and sizes and so you may find (at least for a few months) that these are really good

  • We find these pretty good for the price, although definitely not overnight for us. We use the newer Treasures nappies that are only available at Countdown (recently on special regularly for $12 for 36 toddler nappies, otherwise a bit of a pricier option at $18) as overnight and when going out and about for a longer time, but Babywise are all good otherwise, not as absorbent but do seem to contain poo explosions just as well! Our preschool provides nappies and they use Babywise.

  • I'd rate these for a newborn - you are changing them often so its less of an issue. I highly recommend the Kiddicare ones some stores carry for a similar price, They worked really well for my 3 year old & are alright for overnight with a heavy-ish wetter.

    • Whoops not associated

  • We ve used Babywise with both of our kids and absolutely loved them. They are cheaper than Huggies or Rascal and Friends ones too. I think it must be case by case

  • +1

    A bunch of EDT deals have been added to MarketClub this morning.

    • I wish they would go with quality deals rather than quantity.
      Having 18 MarketClub deals seems a bit ridiculous.

    • 30% off NERF toy blasters
    • Babywise nappy boxes $19
    • 20% off fragrances
    • 20% off bulbs & indoor plants
    • adult polly casual low top sneakers $7
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