Bundaberg Diet Ginger Beer 375ml $0.49 ea. (Instore Only, BB 8/10/22) @ PAK'n SAVE, Moorhouse (Christchurch)


Usually $5.69/pack of 4. 4.5g of sugar per 375ml bottle.

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  • Thanks. Tried to do an online shop but seems it's an in store special only.

  • It says it has less sugar. Does it taste worse or the same?

    • It's noticeably "diet," but I actually quite like it, a little more crisp than the original. It's not zero sugar because they still use sugar for fermentation.

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    Not short dated?

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      Best before 8 Oct 22.

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    Honestly I think the diet stuff is garbage - good price though if you can stomach it.

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  • Prefer the diet one actually. Wish I was over there and I'd buy a few cases.

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    Tried it last night - usually I hate diet versions of drinks, but this was much better than expected.

    • That's the secret right there.
      Go in with low exectations and you won't be disappointed!

    • Depending on how much of a cheapie you are you'll suffer through it because it's cheap 😁 (I actually don't mind the diet version).

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    $0.99 at Riccarton (online)

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