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Bonds B1G1F: Guyfront Trunks - 2x 3pks (Six Trunks Total) $29.99 + Shipping ($0 with $45 Spend MarketClub) @ 1-day, The Market


Bonds 2 for 1! Purchase a 3PK of Bonds Trunks & Receive an Extra 3PK !!

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  • What's the quality like on these?

  • Can anyone speak to the quality of these? It's about time I replace all my trunks so if these are good I'd love to know.

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    Not exactly these so please don't take my word for it, but I have experience with Bonds trunks with similar specs and design and they weren't impressive - ie. didn't even last a year and the quality & finishing of the stitching? was not great. Maybe if they were $2.50 for one then why not but for $5… I'd consider something else. But I could've just had a bad pack at the time :)

    • Thanks

      • i have had the same issue as above, 1day had this same deal/price 4 years ago.
        some the stiching overlaps on the inner part of the thigh and gets uncomfortable digging into your skin and the rubbing, then when it breaks down you got wiggle the underwear around.
        i find the kmart ones are better for the price.

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