This was posted 9 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sistema Stainless Steel Drink Bottle 1L $15.99 (RRP $36.73) @ PAK'n SAVE, Royal Oak ($13.60 via Pricebeat at Mitre10)


Saw the Sistema 1L Thermal Bottle at Pak n Save Ormiston for $17.99 which was cheap already.
Went to Mitre 10 to do a price match and got it for around $15 ish which is a really good deal for these bottles when they are originally $36

Update: Even cheaper at PNS, Royal Oak.

The deal goes on till 21st August as seen "in-store" fine print under the printed price.

These bottles are great, I had one before and my wife loved it because it keeps your drinks hot / cold for a very long time and it's big!
great for taking to picnics or simply having hot or warm water next to your bedside when you want to pour yourself a hot cuppa.

Get one to put at work or gift it!
I think this deal is a steal to be honest.


This is probably the cheapest I've seen it after price beat, the last time i posted where mumshop usually has 50% off sistema products sometime every year.
but this deal is even better than 50% off!

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  • Should come to $15.29 with the 15% Price Guarantee on the $17.99 price.

    Also, your deal link should point to Pak n Save, not Mitre10 - I think it’s this
    Put the Mitre10 link in the deal description.

    • Sorry I'm trying to make edits,
      I had posted on my phone but it won't let me upload the image

    • How do i remove my post?

      • You can’t remove a post once it’s been up for more than 10 minutes or someone has commented.
        Options are to either use the report button above on the post, choose ‘other’ put that you want it removed or leave instructions for what you want done.
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    Update on this Post:

    Pak n Save Royal Oak has an even better price $15.99, so probably better to Price beat that.…

    It should then drop it down to $13.6!

    • Yep, they've held that price for at least a couple of weeks now.

      I wish Sistema would do a larger bottle. I've been looking at the Yetis and Stanleys, but the prices ($80-$110) are silly for what they are.

  • Wow, grocer app is showing the same item for $38.99 @ NW and $30 @ CD

    The best price is either Royal Oak PnS or Lincoln Road PnS @ $15.99

    • yeah, its even cheaper than the big sales which are 50% off!
      so this is a real steal!

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    Could also pricematch at The Warehouse if you can't be bothered driving down to Mitre10…

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    I'm not mad I paid full price for this when I got it a few weeks ago… not mad at all.

    3 quick points:

    • The drinking lip can feel "sharp" (due to it being thin) but it is rounded so it doesn't feel like it will cut you.
    • The opening is big enough that it forms a good seal around your mouth.
    • Contents does stay cold for the day if you leave it in the fridge overnight (haven't tried hot contents).
    • Lid is noisy when removing and screwing it back on.
    • +1

      The insulation works both ways, so I'm not sure that leaving it in a fridge will do an awful lot. Just add some ice cubes to it in the morning and they'll hang around for most of the day

      • Yup don't put in the fridge expecting room temp contents to be chilled in the morning! Discovered that quickly - simply hadn't considered the insulation works both ways

    • +1

      I think the best way to use this bottle is using it to pour things.
      it isn't the best bottle to drink directly out of unfortunately :(.

    • Yes agree- lid is noisy

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    Instead of posting the price match as a bargain, the real deal should be from the merchant who is offering the lowest price. Price matching is a bonus, and other members of ChoiceCheapies need to arrange their own price match. For example a specific model of HP laptop is cheapest at DickSmith, and you get Warehouse Stationary to price match at 5% less.

    As such, PNS is the deal, Mitre10 is the bonus. So the price in the title should be $15.99.

  • $10 on Facebook marketplace

  • How does the Sistema bottle compare with this?…

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      Not sure, haven't seen the torpedo 7 one in person, but the Sistema one is very sturdy and it's 1L compared to 750ml

    • +1

      The T7 looks to be a standard custom job from Alibaba. I think the Sistema is a unique design, but I could be wrong.

      The Sistema is larger (1L vs 750ml) and has a different lid and mouth design, but they'll both do the same thing.

      • Both hold an annoying amount of bathroom visits

      • Wow, thanks for the info. I hope its lid is not as noisy as the Sistema lid (according to the comments above).

        • I'm surprised by the comments about the lid, as I never thought it was a consideration when buying a drink bottle. But yes it does make quite a bit of noise, as the plastic lid is quite large and it hits a hollow steel tube.

          Perhaps Sistema's 750ml bottle or "Chic" range is more what you're after. I use one of them for smoothies and the lid is quiet. These are also price-matchable between Pak N Saves and M10.

      • Wow, if that's really the one, it's like more than 10x markup. I won't be surprised if the sistema one costs about the same.

        • The T7 bottle comes down from $39.99 RRP to just $9.70 with the hospo code though.

        • +1

          Oh no doubt - the steel bottles are one range that Sistema doesn't produce in their factory here, they are instead made in China, so will be cheap. I can vouch for them though, I've had a couple for three years now and love them. They are solid and do exactly what they say they do. They feel very well made.

  • Heads up that royal oak isn't on sale anymore, bit it is at ormiston and most likely other branches also

    • Still showing up as on special for me?

      • I saw a picture this particular store posted on FB, still $15.99, and heaps on display.

  • Tried outside of Auckland to price guarantee but they stated it needed to be local.

    • Try doing it online with TWH for click and collect

      • They won't price match as it's only that price at one store

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