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Sanitarium Skippy Cornflakes 500g, Ricies 460g $1.99 @ New World, North Island Stores


Cheapest I have seem. Limit 4 at New World.

With price beat at the warehouse, it will bring the price down to $1.79 and probably no buy limit.

Sadly for some reason The Warehouse only stock Ricies.

Not sure when does the deal ends, I believe super markets normally do Sunday to Sunday? Someone else can correct me on it.


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    Great deal, good Find OP. Price Matched with TWG, grabbed 5, makes it easy for kids

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    OP - The deals run from Monday to Sunday inclusive so your finish date is correct of Sun 21st Aug.

  • Mailey on the Warehouse live chat turned down my price match request saying:

    Products lowered in price cannot be combined with any other TWL or competitorā€™s promotion or credit offer, or with any trade terms, direct purchasing from the supplier, limited quantity offers or internet only retailers. You may check our full policy here. https://help.thewarehouse.co.nz/Help/s/article/Price-promise

    • Try again with another agent, they don't normally care. šŸ¤ž

      • Thanks, Sally didn't care :-)

    • same Mailey declined me with the same reason as you…. I am going to trying later on…

  • product not found

    • That just means you have selected a store that doesn't have the product.
      Change the store to another North Island New World (I tested Victoria Park, Auckland) and it works.

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