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Calvin Klein Sale (Men's Edge 3 Pack Underwear $16.99, 4 Pack Dress Socks $10.99) + Free Shipping @ Dick Smith

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  • Can anyone speak to their wearability?

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      I haven't worn CK socks before, but the underwear is excellent quality. Long lasting and super comfortable. They're normally really expensive so I've just stocked up with this sale :)

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    Thanks for this, mine are falling apart ๐Ÿ˜‚

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    I noticed these weren't 100% cotton. The underwear seems to be Polyester and socks a mixture of materials (generally cotton, polyester and nylon). I am wondering about the breathability of these especially the underwear… Otherwise might work just for Winter XD
    Would be good to know if anyone has actually tried these underwear. Also, CK quality has declined by far over the years so I wonder if they're worth it even with a good deal.

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    Smith & caugheys also have a great sale on Calvin Klein underwear ( other brands aswell ) and huge selection in the womens section! A lot of its 70% off.

    Not as cheap as the some dicksmith packs but more variety of colour & patterns

    Hope itโ€™s okay to post this in your comments, delete if itโ€™s not ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Awesome, thanks! Just had a look and they've got quite the range and good prices too.

      And yeah no worries at all - always useful to have more options :)

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  • The CK Men's 'One Size' is approx UK size 6.5-11.


    edit: nevermind, it's in the title

  • They sent me the wrong order. I got Nike boys garcons, whatever they are!

  • I got the wrong colour socks, quite disappointing as their pictures were so confusing.

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