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Joseph Joseph Compost Food Waste Caddy $50.99 Delivered @ Living and Giving


Living & Giving has 40% off Joseph & Joseph, and Briscoes will price beat them by 10%.

Food waste caddy @ Briscoes for the price comparison for the link in title.

Other things you can price match:
Elevate utensil caddy set $101.99 vs at Briscoes
Elevate utensil caddy sky $101.99 vs at Briscoes
Nest prepartion 9pc $89.99 vs at Briscoes
Switch scale $71.99 vs at Briscoes
Salt and pepper mill $80.99 vs at Briscoes
Can do can opener $29.99 vs at Briscoes

Price match can only be done in-store at Briscoes.

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    With the Caddy (and any other item under $100), you're better off creating a new account and taking advantage of the $10 off $50 new member offer.

    $40.99 delivered. Code arrived within two minutes of signing up. WEL-GUAL22G436 is the code I got.

    • Oh very clever, thanks Wakrak.

    • Briscoes: pricematching can be done over the phone as well.

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    Not suprised that they will price beat, given that Living and Giving is part of the Briscoe group.

    Good find though đŸ˜€

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    I'm seeing like $40 for a piece of plastic that's somehow nearly $90 or so retail?

    Nice find for sure, but far out some of this crap is expensive in NZ without an Amazon etc to level the price.

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    Pretty pricey! Some alternatives from KMart:
    https://www.kmart.co.nz/search/?searchTerm=flip+top+bin $12 for 11L and $7 for 7L

    • I don't think this compares cause there's no lift out section. How would you carry your scraps out to your recycling bin?

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        Carry the whole unit, the ones he pointed out even have a handle for that.

        Whatever you do, though, don't buy the one labelled "Compost bin" on the Kmart link, my partner bought one and it's AWFUL.

        The vents are filtered by a green plastic scourer, but the fruit flies just lay all of their eggs straight on top and it's impossible to get them out.

        After you've done your best to clean it, while you wait for it to dry a single fruit fly makes its way in and now the scourer is an air source for the growing fruit fly infestation.

        As the final nail in the coffin every time you remove it and put it back the gap between the scourer and the lid slowly grows until all the fruit flies just walk right past it.

      • yep, carry the whole thing. then you can wash it too.
        I don't think the extra lift out section is worth it being 5x the price when on sale (9x when RRP). JosephJoseph has some innovative products than can be worth the extra bucks but this isn't one of them.

      • +2

        It has mounts?


        Have you heard of screws?


        This deal smells like some overpriced designer plastic. Am I just ignorant, or is the 4L plastic bucket really worth $50+? It seems to function the same as a $8 solution ($7 bucket + 2 screws)

        • No need to be rude to me. If this deal doesn't appeal to you simply scroll on by.

          • @flembots: It's not personal. I'm pointing out that it's pretty obvious you could mount the Kmart one. With screws.

            The better question is: Can you really justify the price of this product?

        • +1

          Ahem….being a cheapie, my food scrap container is a….. 2L ice cream container that sits on the counter ;)

    • I have the 7L grey ones and they are great.

      • yeah same! one for compost, the other for nappies. :)

  • that's so small

  • I use one of these:

    100% protection against fruit flies and odours. Flip top lid for easy disposal. Sits on your bench.

    I don't really understand how this is 300% better.

    • That's great for you by my partner is one of those clean bench people and wouldn't tolerate a solution like that.

      • keep it in the under-sink cabinet when not in use?

        to be clear, I'm not ragging on your post, mate. it's a good post!
        Just making helpful suggestions for anyone looking for options. :)

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    The ultimate compost bin is an old paint bucket

    • haha free too. :D

    • And you can make it fancy with painting it with the remaining color and some glitter or something. Weekend fun project for kids haha.

      • thats my weekend sorted! thanks for the free fun woo

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