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Pocket Spring Mattresses: King $999, Super-King $999 + Free Delivery @ Shine Mattress


Hi Team,

We have a $999 sale for our King or Super-King mattresses to clear stock. Ignore cost of living crisis this is a great opportunity to get a high quality mattress for a fraction of the price.

10 Year Warranty | Free Shipping and Returns | Free Mattress Protector

Shine is a whole new way of mattress design. Scientific. Luxurious. Honest. Everything in a Shine mattress has a single purpose: to create a completely integrated sleep system that adapts to how the human body changes during each stage of the sleep cycle.

Shine mattresses don't come in a cardboard box they are high end luxury mattresses with an 8-Layer integrated sleep system.

This is 8LiSS™, pronounced bliss, Shine’s 8-Layer Integrated Sleep System.

Layer 1: 100% Natural Wool
Layer 2: Latex
Layer 3: Cloud Foam
Layer 4: Gel Infused Memory Foam
Layer 5: Support Foam
Layer 6 Micro Pocket Spring
Layer 7: Individual Pocket Spring
Layer 8: Foam Encasing

The Goldilocks Zone: Medium - Not too firm, not too soft.

Shine's comfort layer contains three layers of foam that work together to provide a customised feel for you and if required your partners individual body shapes. From softest to firmest the three foams support each other to provide a consistent medium feel across the whole body.

Shine isn't a glorified camping mattress rolled up in a box. Your spine needs positive support to push back against gravity and maintain natural spinal alignment. Shine's 5-Zone pocket spring system is made of individual heat treated springs that can independently react to your body to give you the right amount of support where you need it most.

Rise and Shine®.

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  • previous sale https://www.cheapies.nz/node/33861
    I bought the queen size and 3 months on still happy with it. :)
    No loss of bounciness or elevation.
    And since we have a baby, the wife appreciates that the edges don't curve down like other mattresses where you easily fall off the edge.

    Also, the product came wrapped in heavy duty tarp, so also useful if you're into DIY. :D

    • Good to know, thanks. Looking at buying a queen bed so this is helpful, only a shame this sale is for the King and Super-King sizes.

      • no worries. I know some people missed the previous sale so thought to post my review after a few months with it.

  • +1

    Bought a Queen size during the last sale. I'm happy with it for the price I paid. The only thing I dislike about it is the "hole pads" at the top are kinda hard and you can feel them if you land your hips on one while side sleeping. For reference I'm 90kg, 1.80m, dad body.

    Wish they made a softer version with more foam on top as I like plush mattresses. Am keeping mine, and am considering adding a memory foam topper.

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