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[Special order] Samsung Bespoke Top Panel (Cotta White) $18.62 (RRP $129) @ Noel Leeming (Requires CSC Membership)


Free click & collect. Delivery is $89 (oversized).

The Bespoke French Door Refrigerator

has a customisable design, so you can choose a finish that blends perfectly with your kitchen space. Panels (sold separately) are available in 2 finishes; Cotta Metal and Glam Glass.

You can also combine these finishes with various door colours, including Cotta Charcoal, Cotta White, Glam White, Glam Navy and Glam Pink, to best suit your palate.

$129 at Harvey Norman
More information available at Samsung

This is a special order item1

For CSC membership

  • In Noel Leeming, go to your account
  • Go to Membership Details
  • Type in CSC Group & then CSCBG Main2
  • Select any organization

Credit: NZSkiBum

  1. This is a special order item and will be delivered to you or available for pick-up at your selected store as soon as we have received it from our supplier. For more information around timeframes please contact us. 

  2. Farmlands and Premium add a few more cents to the price. 

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  • -2

    Samsung fridges are a rubbish product. That's my two cents anyway.

    • +1

      My Samsung 364L 2016 fridge keeping my Tip Top Mochaccino ice cream ice cold for weeks on end disagrees.

    • Mine goes alright. Got this fridge freezer for $500 brand new. Has worked well thus far.

      • +2

        How so chea… Oh Wakrak ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘

        • ๐Ÿ˜„ I think the person selling it got it as a bonus for signing up with Trust Power. Wanted it gone and I was happy to oblige.

        • +1

          I bet Wakky walks into NL and they just do whatever the hell he wants. :)

          • @fatboyj: Walks in

            "give me a discount"

            Walks out.

            • +1

              @Wakrak: It would be

              Walks in

              "Here's your discount"
              I need a price match

              Walks out.

              • @ace310: This happened to me last week.

                So what I did was I went onto the app live chat and asked for a price match. They said yes and I purchased it click and collect. Becuase it was in stock I picked it up 40 minutes later. Too bad the person who denied my price match wasn't there to get my order from the back.

                • @Stoic: Have done this also. Itโ€™s gold.

      • Think thatโ€™s mine also.

        Has gone fine for many many years.

        Only recently started freezing stuff in the bottom fridge drawer, so instead of being veges itโ€™s now where the drinks go.

        • My old fridges are working 100% after 10 to 20 years (sold/given to friends/family). Mitzubishi and panasonic. New Samsung lasted 5 months. You meantion only recently started freezing stuff in the fridge that's a fail. Look up samsung fridge reviews most are not good. God forbid you have to deal with customer service if something goes wrong.

          • @Robbert: Yeah. I've heard Samsung appliances in general aren't very good. I remember seeing complaints about Samsung washing machines and fridges on fair go a few times. And here's an article about a man who had ongoing issues with Samsung.


            This fridge in question is the same model my parents have. But fortunately their one hasn't rusted up. They don't use the water and ice dispenser though.

    • sharp is another one to add to the list in my experience, the plastic trim was breaking down and the door fell off its hinge.

  • What do I with this product?

    • +1

      Make your Bespoke fridge look prettier or use it as a surfboard

    • +1

      Please tell me you bought it first and then asked this question? The cheapies way! ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • 129 now?

    • CSC instructions.

  • Back in-stock but now $34.12

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