Free - re·stor Concentrated Laundry Detergent Sheets 4pk Delivered (Was $2 for Shipping, 1 Per Customer) @ re·stor


Usually have to cover the cost of shipping but that has been removed again. Has been out of stock a few times (in the past) too.

Sample pack includes 4 sheets in Fresh Linen.

Back by popular demand! Our 4 pack samples are the most convenient way to put our game-changing Laundry Detergent Sheets to the test!

Hypo-allergenic, ultra-concentrated Laundry Detergent Sheets that save you time and space without plastic waste.

  • 100% dissolvable
  • Pre-measured & mess-free
  • Tough on stains, gentle on clothes
  • Naturally derived ingredients
  • No harmful chemicals, dyes or phosphates
  • Plastic-free & compact
  • 90% lighter & travel-friendly

Suitable for:

  • all Standard or HE machines
  • handwashing
  • top & front loaders
  • hot & cold washes
  • grey water and septic tank use

Please note: Limited to 1 per customer. If you over-order it will default back to 1 in our system.

A 60pk is currently $12.50 at Countdown

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  • +1

    I thought this was a promotion after the consumer nz testing

  • Kind of feel sorry for them. Hadn't heard of the company before that came out but assume they are a fairly young company. I'd find it very hard to believe they would bring this product to the market if it just didn't work. Nobody would buy it. Makes no sense.

    • +3

      Yes, I like the idea as well, although I have my doubts about how much innovation was actually made by them.

      First, the idea is not original, there are plenty of the same type of thing out there.
      Due to the idea not being original, there will be manufactures in china producing this and ready to sell to private label startups like this one. Considering how there's no R&D or even what looks like a chemist on their team, chances are the manufacturer told them how good the product they make is: gluten free, sustainable, ect and they liked it and started selling it under their own brand while preaching about the obvious benefits that come with a product like this.

      • Isn't a sheet just compressed laundry powder? But as it turns out it's even less effective at washing than powder. I don't buy the idea that it reduces transport emissions.

    • +1

      its good for the environment bandwagon, they are comparing it to the liquid products as powder would still beat them.
      "Re•duces transport emissions by 90%+ compared to equivalent alternatives" - made in china, it might be true if the product was effective, its currently worse for the environment,

  • Didn't consumer only test stain removal? So it may make your clothes smell good but just not suitable for stained clothing

    • +3

      Consumer have this as a free article:

      TLDR: yes thry only tested stains

      We put laundry powders and liquids to work on 10 common stains including grass, blood, baby food and chocolate ice cream.
      Overall score breakdown

      Overall score is the average of 10 scores for stain removal:

      Everyday grime
      Collar & cuff stains
      Olive oil
      Engine oil
      Chocolate ice cream
      Baby food

      We only test in a front-loader machine now. Most products are now formulated for both machine types and previous tests have shown a correlation between performance in front and top loaders with front loader performance being better. It is fair to assume that if it a product performs well in a front loader it will perform well in a top loader.
      How we test

      We wash specially stained fabric swatches in our lab. These swatches are used by detergent companies and consumer organisations worldwide.

      One swatch is stained with nut oil, milk and a colour pigment. This swatch is used to measure performance on “everyday grime”. The other swatches test a detergent’s cleaning ability on nine common stains: collar and cuff grime, grass/mud, olive oil, make-up, chocolate ice cream, baby food, tomato, engine oil and blood.

      We measure the recommended amount of detergent for a normally soiled load and used this to wash test loads at 20⁰C, the most common wash temperature. Each load contains two swatches of each stain and each detergent is tested twice.

      We test detergents in a “normal” wash cycle, which is what a consumer is most likely to choose for an everyday load. After washing, we measure how much of the stain was removed from each swatch.

      The cost per wash is calculated using the manufacturer’s stated washes per pack. If the number of washes isn’t stated, there is no cost per wash. The reason for this is that it’s important for consumers know how many washes they will get from a product while in the supermarket aisle to make a fair comparison of products easier.

      We include a wash using only water as part of our test so you can see how the products compare to washing with no detergent.
      Cold vs warm water

      In previous tests, we’ve tested some detergents using warm water (40°C) to check whether there’s any difference in performance.

      Overall, we saw a small improvement in dirt removal when using warm water, but it depends on the type of stain you’re trying to remove. Some detergents perform better in cold water than warm with some stains. For example, blood stains tend to set in warmer water so you’re better off tackling these with a cold wash.
      Other ratings

      We also assess product packaging and claims made on the product. We award a rating of good, acceptable or poor. This doesn’t contribute to the overall score:

      Packaging: assesses what the packaging is made of, how recyclable it is in New Zealand and how clearly it’s labelled with recycling information.
      Environmental: considers whether it claims to be biodegradable, septic tank safe or grey water safe and if a standard is stated.
      Safety: we look at whether the packaging has important safety information such as the poisons centre phone number, instructions on what to do if ingested, gets in eyes or on skin and if ingredients are listed.
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