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Buy 1 Year, Get 1 Year Free Gondola Annual Pass Special (Adult $79 / Child $45) @ Skyline Rotorua


Gondola Annual Pass Benefits:

  • Free unlimited Gondola rides at Skyline Rotorua.
  • Special $9.50 Luge rates (normally $22).
  • Stratosfare Lunch Adult $47 (save $22), Child $31 (save $12).
  • Stratosfare Dinner Adult $68 (save $17), Child $45 (save $10).
  • 20% off Zipline rides.
  • 20% off Skyswing rides + USB packages.
  • 20% off 15 Mountain Bike Uplift Pass.
  • Up to 20% off selected items in Market Kitchen Café.
  • Up to 20% off selected items within iNZpired the Store.
  • 20% off Luge, Chairlift and Zipline photos.
  • Plus Free return Gondola rides at Skyline Queenstown.

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  • If I lived anywhere near I'd totally be in on this! Probably not worth it for a six hour drive, but I guess if you go to Rotorua at least twice in two years it's probably a good deal.

  • Does anyone know if this will work at Queenstown? The membership used to work at both locations prior to Queenstown changing theirs to locals only

    • It does. You get free gondola rides in Qtown as well

      • Do you know if the discount on the lunch would work there too? I tried having a look online but can’t seem to find it mentioned anywhere

        • I just looked this deal up. There isn't really a discount on lunch or dinner prices, it's just that you don't have to pay the gondola fee - I think it's actually quite misleading advertising

          • +1

            @Gatkins: Its all a bit marginal and misleading. The luge is stated the "normal price for luge at $22" Not sure where they are getting this price from - but its $15 if you buy just 1 with a Gondola ticket and that seems the minimum - I cant even see where the price for standlone is mentioned.

            But the more luge passes you get the worse the annual pass deal is . The family of 4 tickets without Luge is $98 - with 5 Luge rides EACH is $202 - which means those 20 luge rides are actually $5 each - hardly $22 they claim.

            After paying 250 for a family of 4 for annual passes upfront, you would have to go dozens of times to make it a better deal than just buying the family pass each time.

            Perhaps if you just go up for the view a lot this deal makes some sense. Anything else - it doesnt seem to.

            • @Meridian: We were there less than a couple of weeks ago and our pass was still valid.
              Turned out (I can't tell you the full cost of rides as we bought them on the go), but a 5 luge ride discounted was something like $38, so that checks out with your maths.

              Here's what we pay as a family of 5 (2 adults, 3 kids):
              Gondola + Luge (5 rides) = 304 in one visit if no annual passes.
              Gondola Pass (2y) = $293
              5 Rides = 38 (discounted) and then maybe another 20 something bucks for another 3 (as 4 of us decided to go twice).

              So the last visit cost us about 50ish bucks. We do it around 3 times a year, so 293+300(ish) (six luge visits) = 593(ish) after 2 years
              If we paid for gondola + luges every time, that's $300 a pop. So a couple of visits kind of pay for themselves.

              Absolutely agree it's only worth it if you make time to go, otherwise it's not worth it. We have family an hour away from Rotorua so we always squeeze a day in there.

              Hopefully I made sense. Not cheap, but I get it!

  • I think your missing the family pass. Its at the bottom of the page. Its cheaper than $304 and offers more. The family pass for 5 is $242 and includes 5 luge vouchers EACH. So 25 total luge rides.. that seems a better deal. As the tickets are physical well were the last time i went you can also share them around with others and some do more and others do less etc.

  • Yeah, I understand. But that's for a single family visit. We ended up going about 6-7 times in 2 years, so even though we spent something around 500-600 dollars, that makes each family no more than a hundred bucks each time.

    It only pays itself off if you go often. If a single visit is the plan, then definitely your deal is good.

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