Buy 1 Year, Get 1 Year Free Gondola Annual Pass Special (Adult $79 / Child $45) @ Skyline Rotorua


Gondola Annual Pass Benefits:

  • Free unlimited Gondola rides at Skyline Rotorua.
  • Special $9.50 Luge rates (normally $22).
  • Stratosfare Lunch Adult $47 (save $22), Child $31 (save $12).
  • Stratosfare Dinner Adult $68 (save $17), Child $45 (save $10).
  • 20% off Zipline rides.
  • 20% off Skyswing rides + USB packages.
  • 20% off 15 Mountain Bike Uplift Pass.
  • Up to 20% off selected items in Market Kitchen Café.
  • Up to 20% off selected items within iNZpired the Store.
  • 20% off Luge, Chairlift and Zipline photos.
  • Plus Free return Gondola rides at Skyline Queenstown.

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  • If I lived anywhere near I'd totally be in on this! Probably not worth it for a six hour drive, but I guess if you go to Rotorua at least twice in two years it's probably a good deal.

  • Does anyone know if this will work at Queenstown? The membership used to work at both locations prior to Queenstown changing theirs to locals only

    • It does. You get free gondola rides in Qtown as well

      • Do you know if the discount on the lunch would work there too? I tried having a look online but can’t seem to find it mentioned anywhere

        • I just looked this deal up. There isn't really a discount on lunch or dinner prices, it's just that you don't have to pay the gondola fee - I think it's actually quite misleading advertising

          • @Gatkins: Its all a bit marginal and misleading. The luge is stated the "normal price for luge at $22" Not sure where they are getting this price from - but its $15 if you buy just 1 with a Gondola ticket and that seems the minimum - I cant even see where the price for standlone is mentioned.

            But the more luge passes you get the worse the annual pass deal is . The family of 4 tickets without Luge is $98 - with 5 Luge rides EACH is $202 - which means those 20 luge rides are actually $5 each - hardly $22 they claim.

            After paying 250 for a family of 4 for annual passes upfront, you would have to go dozens of times to make it a better deal than just buying the family pass each time.

            Perhaps if you just go up for the view a lot this deal makes some sense. Anything else - it doesnt seem to.

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