65" TV Reccomendations

Been keeping an eye out for a new 65" TV sub $2000

Harvey Norman are having a launch special on Hisense TVs, a new brand to NZ but seems to be a popular budget brand overseas, similar to TCL.
I've spotted this 65" U6H on their site, looks good from what I can tell, quantum dot, HDMI 2.1, eARC, VRR & local dimming, looks like a good deal?
One concern is there's no mention of this TV on the Hisense NZ site, so I've looked up the specs on overseas site which I hope are all the same.



  • Apparently the U6H is the 2022 version of the U6G……


    Couple points of note from the detail there…..

    Sadly, the Hisense U6G doesn't have eARC support, so you can't use it to pass high-quality lossless audio to a receiver. If you want to watch content with Dolby Atmos or DTS:X audio, you need to connect your source directly to the receiver.

    This TV doesn't support 4k @ 120Hz signals, as it lacks the necessary HDMI 2.1 bandwidth, so you'll be limited to 4k @ 60Hz games whether you're gaming on the PS5, Xbox Series X, or even a PC.

  • If you are Auckland based, might wanna wait for Costco to open on 27th Aug. Not sure if they will have TVs, but most likely they will as all other costco's do carry them.

  • Avoid Samsung. Doesn’t support DTS and no Dolby vision

  • If you are interested, this may help:

    LG 65" 4K UQ75 LED-LCD Smart TV for $1399.


  • Just bought a Sony 65" it's legend. If you search the price me website for Sony 65 TV it's the model one up from the cheapest.
    Got it through 'the market' app from noel leeming and got 10% off. Original always on sale price was $1900.
    Had to be Sony because of the first class 4k upscaling and was going for the lowest cost model untill eyeballing them in person, the next model ups screen was so much brighter and more colourful. The sound is excellent too no sound bar necessary

    • What model, link?

  • I have a Samsung UHD 65" as part of the trust power promotion a couple of years ago. Picture wise it's great. With the added soundbar (also Samsung) the combination is awesome. However, the only problem I have is that the OS they run, TIZEN, has very few decent apps in the app stores so I have to try and use Chromecast to see other online channels like nebula or BBC iplayer . Next time I get a telly I'm going to pick one that runs Android as its OS. If this matters to you - double check before you by.

    • I also have a Samsung UHD 65" - probably about 6 years old now.
      The picture is fine but like you said the apps are really limited.

      I bought a NVIDIA Shield Pro a few weeks ago and love it. Means I never need to use the built in TV apps again.

      • Just wondering, how does freeview work. You have to switch back to TV to see it?

        • I have TVNZ+ and the 3Now apps loaded on the Shield.
          From what I've experienced they work but the quality is a bit hit & miss so at this stage I do switch back to my TV to watch those channels.
          In all honesty I very rarely watch these channels these days so for the most part just stick with the Shield.

          • @bigcheese: I don't see any channels much as well. Just watch news sometimes so just wondering. Have been debating to get Shield for quite sometime now.

            • @ace310: I managed to get my NZ IPTV working via the instructions in the link below for my Nvidia Shield. No problems at all with quality etc.

              • @Skot323: Thanks. I have it setup on my chromecast in guest room and it works fine. I have freeview in living room, so was just wondering how Shield will play out + will have to use 2 remotes sometimes. Specially when remotes are flying all day long when 2 kids are around lol.

                Also, want to keep it simple for others to watch whatever they want.

                • +1

                  @ace310: I've got two devices too and so far the remotes haven't been mixed up! You can program the shield to use your usual TV remote so that can definitely help if you have too many remotes. As far as the simple stuff goes. I put all the Apps I want the other people in the house to use in the favorites bar (at the top) and hide the rest so that no-one can get lost. So far so good lol

              • +1

                @Skot323: I'll take a closer look at that. Cheers.
                I would rather just use the Shield for everything.

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