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Kogan 2.5L 2400W Instant Hot Water Dispenser $55 + Shipping ($0 with Primate) @ Mighty Ape


If you're looking for some instant hot water on demand for a cuppa, here's a deal on the Kogan 2.4l 2400W instant hot water dispenser for $55. I have one and there's only one switch to dispense hot water, plus a power switch. They work by only heating the water you dispense, like an espresso maker with a thermoblock.

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  • Normal price for this sort of product is $100 delivered. I've had two (not this specific one) and they're great for tea/coffee/porridge/noodles, especially if you're renting and so can't do a permanent install.

    • or get a portable induction cook-top and a pot if you're looking for versatility in constrained spaces

      • +1

        Most rentals have a stove with a cooktop, but almost none have in-bench boiling water. And really the alternative to a hot water dispenser like this is a kettle.

        • While true and induction top cooks and heats way faster so benefits both cooking and heating water.
          But if you're having multiple servings of tea/coffee/porridge/noodles a day then yeah this would be more ideal

  • Out of interest, what is the benefit of this, rather than a kettle?

    • From a physics standpoint: it's the same wattage as a kettle so it will heat the water at the same rate. But because it can do a single cup at a time then it's much faster than boiling a Litre in the kettle.

      • And cheaper as you are only heating the water you need

        • How does it know, in advance, how much I need? Obviously it can't, but does that mean it only gives one 'one cup'?

          What if I am making something, and I need two cups? Do I have to do it in two goes?

          I am assuming this is not like the boiling (ish) water dispensers that are on the wall of many offices?

          Learn something new everyday!

          • @Alan6984:

            100°C Boiling water in seconds
            Dispenses up to 400 – 500mL water per minute
            Easy to use with one button operation
            Removable 2.5L transparent water tank
            Low water LED light indication
            Detachable water drip tray with stainless steel cover
            Boil dry and overheat protection safety features
            • @Senior Mouse: Thanks!

              Probably wouldn't replace a kettle for us - 500ml per minute wouldn't cut it when cooking, or when making multiple cups of tea as you'd be there for ages (bit like those kettles from the forties / fifties our grandparents had that went on the stove in terms of time), but I guess if you are on your own, it would make a lot of sense and would potentially save a little electricity.

              Kinda cool.

              • @Alan6984: This one is a basic model and only has a continuous flow on/off switch, other more expensive models can dispense exact amounts at the press of a button (250ml, 500ml etc.) so you can walk away while the cup fills, and not worry about overfilling. Most also have variable temperature selection, which this basic model lacks.

                A kettle would be better at boiling larger amounts of water, but you need to know how much to fill, and kettles generally require 500ml minimum which is more than an average cup. With these dispensers you get the convenience of one-touch instant hot water and the energy efficiency of only boiling the water you need.

                These are getting quite popular in Asia as tapwater there requires boiling before it's safe to drink, and they are much more energy efficient than these old fashioned thermo pots.

    • I've had five hot water dispensers and 4 different models, lasted from six months two years (Westinghouse the longest). Convenience yes especially if you only want to make one cup of coffee or tea put economici not as I could buy a lot of power with the cost of all those dispensers, We have a $15 jug from the warehouse and that's six or seven years old. The Kogan model was the worst experience with two replacements for a total of three, two on my shed shelf and the last replacement I sold new on trade me. Back to using the good old electric jug now and on the plus side it takes very little room.

      • +2

        Our last kettle was a $15 job from TWL too - it also lasted many years (not sure exactly, but at least five years, maybe more).

        Wonder if it was the same model :-)

        Unfortunately, my wife replaced it, rather than me, so now we have one that probably cost $50 and will last two or three years :-(

      • Kogan branded products are abit hit and miss, so I decided to give this a miss.

        • I am in the market for Air fryer , might skip this brand then
          Vortex seems to have good reviews

  • or just fill your kettle with the amount of water that you need…

    • Actually, the kettle is more efficient because a lot of the heat generated by the heatsink is left within the water dispenser. If you fill the kettle up to the amount you require the kettle would be more efficient as all the heat generated would be within the kettle.

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