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[Oculus] Free - SPARK BALL POOL @ Oculus


Possibly free for a limited time.


is a social VR billiard game, where you can play with friends through real-time voice, and enjoy the same sense of presence and entertainment as offline billiards.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable Operation: the pool table can be freely rotated, raised, and zoomed in and out; players can set up cues quickly and accurately, adjusting angles easily.
  • Available in small-scale space: only a small-scale space is required, sitting mode and standing mode are all available. Exquisite-Designed Play Experience: Experience the - realistic physics gameplay, use sidespin, exquisite-designed sound effects, and interactive experience.
  • Social Gameplay: Go grab your friends, and play billiard with a real in-life person in virtual reality.


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Credit: HotUKDeals

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  • Quest 2 headsets are getting a $100usd price increase in August as well, so if you're thinking of grabbing one now is the time.

    • are you sure? if that were the case i thought people would be up in arms and it would be all over social media. i have not heard anything.
      it doesnt bother me though as i would never touch a facebook product with a barge pole. im looking at an hp reverb g2 instead.

      • Have heard they are going up due to manufactuer costs rising.. No idea how much thou

      • +1

        Seriously? You're already on the internet why didn't you take 10 seconds to do a quick search to confirm it for yourself instead of asking "are you sure?". Yes I'm sure, sure because I don't rely on social media for my news. Here's what the first result in a Google search for "Oculus Quest 2 Price Rise' said

        From August 1, 2022, one of the best VR headsets out there is going to see its price jump up to $400 / £400 / AU$630 for the 128GB version (up from $299 / £299 / AU$479), and $500 / £500 / AU$790 for the 256GB model (instead of $399 / £399 / AU$639).

  • Thanks, game plays well too!

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