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Microsoft Rewards - Earn up to 250 Points a Day Through Bing Search


I did my weekly rewards run on my Xbox last night including the 50 bing searches on mobile and noticed that suddenly the rewards page had 4x10 point quests I could click through for 40 points.

Figured I'd look on my PC to see what else changed and seems like every bing search on both pc and mobile is racking up points on my rewards account like it does in other regions up to the daily cap of 150 points on desktop, and 100 points on mobile.

Your mileage may vary as my Xbox account has been all over the world and there's a chance it might just be confused where it's meant to be, but I definitely am not using a VPN or breaking any terms to achieve this, it even shows on my Xbox that doesn't have this functionality. It also worked over Sunday and Monday.

For those who don't know the rewards can be claimed against Microsoft or Xbox store credit or Xbox live or gamepass vouchers. With this new addition it's now very doable to pay for gamepass indefinitely by just doing bing searches and playing gamepass games.

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  • That's worth about 30 cents, right? I wonder if there's an automated browser tool that can do it.

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      It's not worth loads, if you have gamepass you can get 3 months of Xbox live gold that converts to 50 days of GPU for 15000 points. If you're already doing the gamepass and Xbox quests this will almost cover your gamepass costs on its own.

      Quickest way I've found to do it is just save a load of bing search urls as bookmarks in to a collection in edge. On PC you can open all of them with one click, on mobile they stay open when you open one and you can then jucat push 29 of them in a few seconds. It's not much effort now that's been set up.

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