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Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan, Turkish Lira ₺50.14 Per Month (~NZ$4.73/Month) @ Adobe (VPN Not Required)


This deal was originally submitted on Ozbargain, just cross-posting it here for Kiwis who are interested on saving a bunch on expensive Adobe software.


VPN isn't required to get Turkish pricing - Link is already for Turkish region. Alternatively, go to, accept whatever region you land at, then switch region by clicking on the "Switch Region" button on the bottom left of the web page. Proceed to purchase from this point on, the same way you would from Australian region.

From my experience you need to register a new account for that to work, otherwise the buying process automatically jumps back to your previous region. If you use Gmail you can use the [email protected] trick.

No Turkish address or credit card required. My credit card (Commonwealth) was previously used to purchase from a different region and it worked without an issue.

With a bit of help from Google Translate the purchase process is very simple. Basically the same as the Australian region.

After buying, you have the option to switch language back to English by clicking on the same Switch Region button.

Enjoy! My Turkish friends!

Credit to Bad Company at OzBargain

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  • Thank you so much for posting this deal 🙏

  • will become useful next year :)

    I love these Turkish workarounds to expensive subscription services

  • Adobe's subscription pricing never ceases to shock me.

  • Crazy deal! Thanks!

  • Is this only working for Photoshop? Can I sign up for the full Creative Cloud?

    • +1

      Heya, I just signed up to the full Creative Cloud using the student pricing (via comments from OzBargain).
      Go to this link
      Follow the normal sign up process (I had a private/incognito browser with the NZ buying portal to know what I was doing).
      For credit card info, just leave the country as Turkey, but everything else to be normal info.
      I entered 'Cankaya University' for university.
      It's ₺125,08/mo which works out to be NZ$11.58 a month.

      I said my graduation year was in 10-11 years (whatever the max was), no idea if that was required.

      You don't need a ".edu" or "" email, I just signed up with a normal gmail/outlook address.

      • Thanks mate for the details reply very helpful!

  • Might not be working now, have been charged but cannot get access to account. weird system charging before entering a password.

    • +5

      Got it to work, easier on mobile to sign up than desktop. Also if you have an existing account that you wish to cancel Adobe will try sting you with a cancellation fee. To work around the fee change your current plan to any of the other plans (cheapest available as you will be charged initially) after you change the plan you can then immediately cancel the new plan for free and will be refunded the monthly fee you have just paid.

  • Thank you, this makes it a little more affordable and loving having legit LRc :P

  • Have just done this again now, with the Turkish Student all apps..

    I did try the gmail + account thing, but it didn't seem to work for me, let me get to the point of ordering, but wouldn't process the payment.
    So i ended up just using another email account (was a one) and it went through fine.


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    Have just signed up as a Turkish Student (using a [email protected] address), they even have an extra 25% off right now, so around 100 lira/mth :)
    I used a Wise Visa, not sure if that made a difference.

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