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[Prime] TP-Link Deco X55 AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System (3-Pack) A$369 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheapest on pricespy is $705. Good deal with AU/NZD plug.

Deco X55 features higher WiFi speeds, larger device capacity, and nearly no lag with broader HT160 channel bandwidth. Enjoy smooth 4K streaming, online gaming, and video calls throughout your home. Get super-fast WiFi 6 with speeds of up to 3.0 Gbps and 3 x Gigabit Ethernet ports providing wired warp speeds.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Are there any extra GST costs at checkout OP? I don't have Prime so can't see for myself.

    • +3

      Order totals include estimated NZ GST.

      I just created a random Australian address to sign up for a free 30 day prime trial.

      • Cool thanks. And not sure what PriceSpy is on about. Currently $552 over at PB Tech

      • Made an account yesterday but even with an aus address they didn't have a free prime trial, just prime videos for 7 days 🥲

        • I needed an AU billing address for the Prime trial to appear, not a delivery address. I didn't might that my credit card is NZ issued. Can add or set a delivery address during ordinging.

          • @gcnz: Has anyone here successfully signed up for Amazon Prime Trial from NZ?

            • @brownie1: Me, and shock0ne (assumption, based on their comment). Before I added an Australian billing address the free prime trail was only going to be for Amazon Video which is all we get for now.

  • How do these compare to the X20 units handed out by Vodafone as 'SuperWiFi' devices?

    • +1

      I think this one has extra ethernet port compared to x20. Also 160 channel bandwidth

  • Unrelated but on paper these have great parental controls.
    Until your kids find the apple random wifi id option and bypass it all.

    • Oh really! Note taken!

    • Just a note on this, some of the controls such as Time Limits and Offtime is is behind a subscription model now called HomeShield. It also looks like they have moved the built in AV behind this model as well. If you get the M5's or M9's, I believe they still have the full controls available but then again, it is just a software update.

      • +1

        Good point. Mine are via Vodafone so presumably they pre subscribed to this for their customers.

  • +1

    I purchased these a few months back when they were on special. Great devices, I use wired back haul and haven't had any troubles with them.

    • Good to know, Im looking to have them back hauled too. I have two questions if you dont mind helping me out.
      1- All three unints have three network ports in the back? Or just the main router one?
      2- Whats the net size of one of those units? I have my current Asus router in my fuse/switch box and it fits great because the thingy is quite a flat device, but these look bulky.

      Thanks in advance.

  • +1

    Had one free from Contact. Beautiful looking router, nice set up etc, but the 2.4Ghz network died on me. Completely died. So all my home automation stopped working, as well as any other devices that needed that network.
    Contact sent me a replacement Netcomm, sadly :/

    Note: You can't have different names for the 5G and 2.4Ghz networks, if that's a problem for you. You can however create a guest network for the 2.4 IF you want to separate out the networks.

    • Yeah you lost the ability to control which device went where but in time this has proven to be less of an issue than I expected.

      • +1

        The only time it was genuinely annoying was that if your smart automation app thought your phone was on a 5G network (which it was, but it was also a 2.4Ghz AP), then it'd ask you to switch to a 2.4Ghz. Which was dumb.

        But then you'd have to disable 5G on the router temporarily to trick it, or have the guest 2.4Ghz network for the devices.

  • Did a bit of research on this and decided to go for the Eero 6+ which is also a prime exclusive deal. It's slightly more expensive($419) but offers better ACS(automatic channel selection), and much better software/security support.


    • https://dongknows.com/amazon-eero-pro-6-tri-band-mesh-router…

      I doubt on better security/privacy, which amazon is harvesting on.

      • Privacy != security and the article throws out a lot of speculation with no evidence. But yes, it's up to the end user if they trust a company or not.

        For me, a known entity is always better than an unknown actor. Eero provides monthly updates and guaranteed support until 2027 whereas the Deco x20(since x55 was only just released) so far has only had 5 update since release.

  • These are good but I miss not having a usb port which i used to share a disk drive on. Only has rj45 ports.

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