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[PC] Star Citizen - Free Fly Event (Normally from US$45) @ Roberts Space Industries


Jump in and try Star Citizen for free with this 11 Day free-fly event

No purchase is necessary for this free fly event but there will be discounts on game packages. Star Citizen is a work in progress and is STILL in the Alpha stage of development (don't get me started) but there is definitely fun to be had. No ongoing monthly subscriptions required either.

If you do decide to buy a starter pack before the end of the event and have signed up using this referral link both referer and referee will also receive a shiny new Dragonfly Black with lifetime insurance. ($40USD value).

Once you've signed up using the cheapies link, head to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/promotions/Foundation-Fes..., scroll down and enter the code "GETINTOTHEVERSE" to activate the free-fly ships on your new account, download the game, and get exploring!

Have fun out there, fly safe, and we’ll see you in the ‘verse.

Referral Links

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Referee receives 5,000 UEC credits. Referrer earns 1 Recruitment point after new player purchases a Game Package (worth at least $40)

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    tbh this was a huge disappointment, they raised soo much money from the community and have been dragging their feet for ages to the point that most who have been waited just gave up, and then they still have the cheek to charge exorbitant amount of money for things..

    • +2

      I wouldn't exactly call it a disappointment but it's definitely a perfect example of how bad feature creep can be. It's all about having the right expectations for the game and realising it's still in development. I've been a backer since 2016 and sure, there have been entire patch cycles where I haven't played because they were either entirely broken, or just broke the gameplay cycle I enjoy (mining/trading) over other loops (bounty hunting/pvp).

      Other times though it's honestly been a fantastic experience (with a few bugs and crashes here and there because again, it's in development).

      All I'd paid for the longest time was just the base $45 game package but this is why the free-fly is great because you can keep trying the game out again without paying anything until it hits the spot for an individual without spending a cent.

  • +2

    I started playing a couple of months ago. There’s a steep learning curve but once you pass that the game is very engaging.

    If you decide to purchase a starter ship package you can get away with the cheapest one and buy other ships with in game currency.

    I agree there are bug issues and the game is ever evolving. But as a DayZ and Rust player, I’m used to long releases :)

  • Game isn't anywhere near done but is still fantastic, does stuff that nothing else really does. Be prepared for bugs & lots of them however

  • I put in $30 10 years ago when it was first announced. I doubt if this will ever be truly finished as they just keep increasing the scope.

  • If I had known they'd do this again I wouldn't have bought a $45 ship like 1 month ago. Or I would have refunded. Too late now, not worth the download imo even if it was free.

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