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Griffin's Twin Packs Biscuits $2.00 (Normally $4.29 - $4.49, Limit of 4) @ The Warehouse App (MarketClub)


Griffin's Twin Packs Biscuits $2.00 (Normally $4.29 - $4.49) via App @ The Warehouse.

Includes :
Gingernuts 500g ($5.30 at CD).
Krispie 500g ($5.30 at CD).
Chocolate Chippies 320g ($5.00 at CD).
Shrewsbury 350g ($5.00 at CD).

Limit 4 per customer

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  • Comes up as $2.07 for me, weird.

    • This happens pretty much every single time with these deals.
      If you look at the other weekly posts I've done on their weekly deals you will see that it never seems to be the discount they say it is.
      Not sure how it goes wrong so frequently!

  • Anyone else find the discount isn’t applying correctly?
    $4.49 items are now $2.07
    $4.29 items are now $1.97

    • +1

      Looks like they applied a 54% discount to both instead of just reducing to $2.

      • 4.49 x .46 = 2.07
      • 4.29 x .46 = 1.97


  • I'm getting $7.88 for 4x

    • +1

      I'm guessing you've picked the cookies or Shrewsberries which are normally $4.29 each

  • Anyone know why you can’t click and collect at Royal Oak anymore, it’s been listed as N/A for weeks now

    • Staff shortage/isolation

  • +1

    How do you access this deal? I have The Warehouse and the MarketClub apps but can't see any offers?

    • Do you have Marketclub within The Warehouse app, or The Warehouse app and The Market app?

      You want the first option.

      • Download The Warehouse app and login/register.
      • You should now see a MarketClub banner on your home screen, follow the prompts to join.
      • Make sure you have latest version of the app.
      • Offers can be used in any The Warehouse store and online through the app.
  • I'm not getting the deal price.
    Added to cart in the Warehouse app, can see my account has MarketClub.
    Go all the way to payment screen and it's full price

    • So, I've installed the app on a different phone.
      It shows a sign up for "FREE UPGRADE … app exclusive offers"
      Which I have done, but it still shows the option, almost like it's not activating.
      Still don't get any deal prices.

      • Have you had MarketClub deals work using that same account before?
        I have had an issue previously with a new account that did exactly as yoiu describe.
        In the end I just created a new account with a new sim card.

        Otherwise, you might need to go through to their helpline.

      • +1

        It doesn't seem to work on the Super wines

        • I tried live chat this morning and they said they would get back to me via email later today.
          - The $4.49 items are showing as $2.07 rather than $
          - The super wines are not showing the discount

          • @Tmurder91: Superwines aren't part of the deal. I tried my luck this morning but they wouldn't give it to me even though they had the $2 deal sticker over them.

            • @nivek: Annoying! When you go to superwines on the app, it shows the offer at the bottom but when you click on the offer it doesn’t show superwines.

              • @cookiecrumble: I guess that's the way the Griffins cookiecrumble…..

                Bit odd that it's excluded though.

        • Wanted to get the superwines too!

        • why are they called super wine anyway? Are they good with wine?

          • +3

            @Japo32: According to this website:

            Wines have been a New Zealand favourite since the 1930s. Back then we would keep our flour dry by storing it in empty wine barrels, hence the name. Of course, these days we've moved on from that. But our delicious Wine biscuits remain as sweet, simple and satisfying as ever.

            I learnt something myself!

  • Thanks OP. Just placed an online order, now its only $1.89 a pack.

    • Just ordered now after seeing your comment! Choc chip still in stock - thanks :)

  • Well I ordered mine just after the deal listed, but they have just canceled it and refunded me

    • Same, only got one packet of shrewsberries, the chocolate chips got cancelled

  • My order was successful- 3/4 of my choc chippies are ready for collection at Royal Oak

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