10% off (Minimum $300 Spend, Exclusions Apply, One Time Use Only) @ The Market


Code was in an email I got about Television sales but works for other products. TheMarket typically has all The Warehouse, 1-Day, Noel Leeming, Warehouse Stationary etc items onsite.

Minimum spend $300 (excludes shipping and alcohol and Apple products). One time use only. Expires 31/Aug/2022.

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Both referrer and referee receive $20 off purchases of $99 or more.

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    Thanks works for me

  • any decent tech around worth using the discount on? sound system/soundbar? for gaming and movies

    • I bought a Nintendo Switch OLED on the last 10% off. It was essentially the same as importing it from Amazon AU but with local warranty and CGA coverage.

    • The Sonos Arc looks to be an alright deal at $1303.20. Cheapest ever?

    • These codes are great for stuff from noel leeming and the warehouse.

    • Pretty much anything from Noel Leeming for 10% less.

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    Any cheap good tvs ? Does anyone know

    • Nothing amazing currently at the bottom end.

      Depends what you're after and how cheap though
      Veon 40" FullHD for $305 is on sale for $339 via The Warehouse direct
      55" 4K Veon for $499 depending if you can find stock near you via The Warehouse

    • I would recommend buying based on instore impressions of a model, too much risk buying online when you can't see the colours the panel produces.

      • Absolutely agree with this advice, however, once you've viewed the TV in a Noel Leeming you can go online and save 10% on the same TV?

        • Yes, if it's listed on the market, but you will also have to pay for oversized shipping which should be a small price off the savings for a reasonably expensive tv

  • where I can input the Referral code please?

    • Are you meaning on Cheapies or on The Market?

    • If you mean on the market it is just the link that is the referral, click on the referral link and you will get it

      • thanks, done😀

  • Any good soundbar recommendation?

  • Hi,
    New to this site, I can't get this 10% off to work on the item below:
    Can anyone help?

    • It definitely works:
      This is what I get.

      TCL 75 inch P725 K LED 2021 Television
      Subtotal: $1999.00
      Shipping Total: $89
      Total (GST Inclusive): $1888.10
      Coupon Savings: -$199.90
      Payment Total: $1888.10

      What total/message are you getting?

  • I don't get the discount when I click on the link, and I can't see a way to apply the code. When I check out with the item in my cart it still is $2k

    • +1

      The link will just take you to The Market - it won't apply the code.
      In order to apply the code do exactly as you have done adding it to your cart and going to the checkout.
      Then click the 'Checkout' button. Don't worry it will still say $2088 at this stage.

      When you get to the screen that shows 'Your Details' that is where you apply the coupon.
      See the box that says 'Your Coupons & Codes'? - Type in TMXLK524 and click Check.
      It should then successfully apply the coupon and you can continue with the checkout process.

  • Ah thanks, was missing the last step, I assumed I had to pay after clicking the checkout button

  • Thanks for this OP. Picked up the Samsung 43au9000 for $803. Cheapest it’s ever been with that extra 10%

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