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[eBook] JavaScript From Zero to Hero: The Most Complete Guide Ever, Master Modern JavaScript US$0.99 @ Amazon US

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JavaScript From Zero to Hero: The Most Complete Guide Ever, Master Modern JavaScript Even If You’re New to Programming - US$0.99

Author: Rick Sekuloski

Best Sellers Rank: #5,578 in Kindle Store
1 in Web Programming
1 in JavaScript Programming (Books)
1 in JavaScript Programming (Kindle Store)

Book Description

Learn the real power of Modern JavaScript and learn the hard parts with ease.
With the help of this book, you will become a real JavaScript programmer! In this book, we will embrace functional, object-oriented, and asynchronous programming. We will learn how to handle errors like a pro.
JavaScript from Zero to Hero is a complete guide that will teach you the basics of JavaScript and the most advanced features starting from the JavaScript E6 version onwards.

This book is organized into chapters for quick access and easy understanding. If you are new to programming, then the last two chapters are for you! These two chapters will get you the basics before starting to learn the advanced features. The book combines theory, sample code, and screenshots that will help you take advantage of all that’s new. These books cover basic to advanced features like variables, values, types, objects, functions, classes, arrays, modules, promises, asynchronous programming, async/await, MAPS, SET, JSON DOM, operators, regular expressions, and much more.

Why will I need this book?

I know that your time is precious, so I don’t want to waste it with old and outdated concepts. Only the new concepts are the ones that you need and that are essential for you to find a job.

Why Learning JavaScript!

The JavaScript programming language is one of the top 3 web development languages. The IT industry covers 2.3 trillion US dollars in the USA, so if you want to access this industry, then JavaScript is the language you must know.

Are JavaScript developers amongst the highest paid?

Yes, the JavaScript developers are the ones that are amongst the highest paid in the world, so being proficient in JavaScript will help you never run out of job options.

I’m a newbie programmer; can I still learn?

Yes, the last two chapters will help you learn the foundations of JavaScript, so the core features will be explained there.

Who is this book for?

This book is for:

  • Programmers that want to learn JavaScript
  • Newbies or the ones that want to start
  • Web Developers that want to master the advanced topics
  • JavaScript is a language that can be mastered easily only if you have a good guide that details each topic. This book will ensure that you learn the most up-to-date features demanded by the current hot job market. JavaScript can be complex if you don’t have the right step-by-step guide with practical examples.

What are the topics included?

  • Values, types, variables, expressions, operators, statements,
  • How to work with objects and arrays
  • Power of functions
    classes, modules, iterators, generators
  • Asynchronous programming, Promises, and async/await
  • Data structures
  • Regular expressions
  • JSON
  • JavaScript and the browser
  • DOM – Understanding the link between HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Document Object Model – DOM
  • Event Handlers, Errors, etc
  • Tools, code editors, extensions that all professional JavaScript developers rely on.

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