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Fuel Discount Day: $0.12 off Per Litre @ Gull


From 7am Wednesday 22 June until 12pm midday Thursday 23 June, we're dropping the price of all fuel grades, at all Gull sites. Check back at 6am tomorrow for the discount.

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    It will have to be a decent discount, 12 to 15 cents, to entice me. Gull havent been cheap for weeks now. They are far down the list on Gaspy in my local area. Beaten by pak n save, new world, waitomo and allied.

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      That's what happens when you have private equity ownership. Previously Ampol was chasing market share, now its current owner Allegro Funds is chasing returns.

      Allegro probably loaded Gull with debt to fund the purchase, and now interest rates are rising.

      • is that why gull has been bad, been using paknsave more and i just filled up with NPD for $3.06/l today.

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        Wow I just seen gull only cheaper then a GAS at my current location. Even beaten by BP. No one will go to gull unless it's the cheapest

        • Yeah, Gull overhyped their biofuel to the extent that many people think all their fuel contain ethanol and not willing to use them unless they are a lot cheaper. Now with their higher prices, it's even worse…haha

        • Yeah there a few BP, Caltex and Mobil who beat Gull on price but they are in odd spots.

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        I agree, but better than Ampol keeping hold of Gull as well as Z. We want more competition, not less, and letting Ampol keep Gull would have been just as bad an idea as letting Woolworths (Countdown) acquire FoodTown… oh, wait….

        • Yeah. Let's hope that Costco starts opening stores around the country, and relative upstarts like Waitomo and NPD put in some real competition.

          Despite the EV revolution there's still room for new stations, especially around the newly developed suburbs.

    • Same. Gull is $0.12 more than NW with the 6c off

  • Gull hiked up the prices 2 days ago in my area from 3.29 for 98 to 3.47

  • KLD best in Hamilton at $2.88. Mobil & Gull at $2.91. Makes it $2.75 (Mobil) with Supercard. Decent.

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    I've pretty much given up on Gull to be honest, in my area BP (along with Mobile and Caltex) without the 6c discount was still cheaper than Gull at 91. Given that Gull is self-service in most of my area it seems odd that their prices are so high. I could understand if they were the managed ones with staff etc…, but for no service why bother?

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    12c off

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    NPD $2.78, Gull $2.79 now (Hamilton). Hopefully Mobil Te Rapa follows suit.

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      Stop rubbing on Aucklanders' faces that your petrol is even cheaper or we'll grab more water than we need from the Waikato river 😂😂😂😅😅😅

      • Quick! Grab it before it flows out to sea :-)

    • NPD seems to be the go now. Waitomo and gull are no longer competitive but it depends alot on location.

  • My local is doing $3.02, usually $3.23 - so worth giving it a go.

  • $2.697 at Gull Stanmore Road in chch. Cheapest in the country?

    • Wow I was just having a look. Thought I had a winner in Te Kuiti @ 2.707

    • Gull atiamuri is always the cheapest

    • And blocking Stanmore road most of the day!

      Honestly with the amount of time (20min plus easily at times) some people are sitting in their cars with the engine running I wonder if they've saved anything. Certainly not worth sitting in my twin turbo V6 to "save" $6 on a fill. (plus the extra hassle of trying to actually get to one of the 95 pumps)

      • I just filled up at the awatea rd one. Only 1 pump free when I went. But when I finished a few minutes after, there was a line of about 15 cars.

        • I went to Ferry Rd in the end today, which wasn't so bad. Stanmore still had around five to ten cars on the street waiting when I went pass. (Several still managing to block the road).

  • is costco $2.50 for 91?

    • 2.987

      • Really?, that didnt last long.

        • Crude oil prices shot up quite abit the past 3 weeks, but going down again today. These retailers don't set the price.

    • costco price same as Pakn save Westgate, they just not cheaper any more

    • 3.017 today, creeping up

  • When my local gull dropped their prices, other petrol stations did the same. Then they all raised the price again. So it shows that there is a margin they could be saving consumers. Shows a lack of competition, and we need more Gull brands

    It is ironic IMO, that the government disallowed prompt payment discounts to electricity users, because they said it penalised poorer people, even though if they paid on time they could also get it. . Yet there are all sorts of account cards etc, where consumers can save up to 16 cents on the listed petrol price, but low income people who don't pay their bills on time may miss out as they may not be able to get one because of their credit history.

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      I never understood the government stepping in over prompt payment discount as can't the retailers just charge late payment fees instead.

      • It was such a stupid move. Government stepping in when they could be doing far more important things. They have done the same thing with the removal of the low daily rate for low power users. Then gave elderly a winter energy handout to cover the increased electricity charges, but not others affected

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