Noel Leeming Price Drop Next Day after Purchase


I bought a product on Friday and I see its dropped in price by 10% yesterday, on offer until the 21st.

Anyone experienced similar and had any luck asking for a credit of the difference?

Is it considered cheeky / rude / bad form to even ask the store?


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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming


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    Popped in to the store and they couldn't have been more helpful, refunded the difference no problems.

    • They usually are ok with this within a week of purchasing. This is also a great strategy for seasonal sales like Boxing Day or Black Friday if you're planning to buy something specific. buy your item a week early then refund the difference if they advertise a better price. you can even price match!

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    "cheeky / rude / bad form"

    Are you kidding? I sometimes buy things and then when it gets cheaper I buy it again and return it with the old receipt. Works well with 30 day returns and when I know when the product will get cheaper but can't wait.

  • 9/10 times they are happy to help. Unless it’s a finance product (absolute pita) then it’s literally a two minute job & they keep the margin.

    If you’re a proper cheapies person anyway you were using a CSC card and the new Margin is probably adjusted to be the same anyway (nl have a whacky system where the markup they’re told products have in store doesn’t reflect the cost of the item particularly accurately).

    If you bought their cga clone / extended warranty (ymmv but doyor with product protection) then it’s actually a stipulation that you get the money back

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    Most retailers allow this. Some might say no around black Friday but it's always worth asking

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