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[XB1, XSX, PC, PS4, Switch] Free - STREET FIGHTER II: The World Warrior (via Capcom Arcade Stadium) @ Xbox, Steam, PS, Switch


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    Also a bunch of cheap Xbox games to be had from Gamivo, just choose Argentina as the region when you're browsing the Xbox section, then all you need is an Argentinian VPN turned on when you redeem the codes, it's pretty easy.

    A few examples are -

    RE2 remake for around $10
    Elden Ring for about $48
    Metro Triple Pack (1, 2 & Exodus) for around $4 (I bought it just to see what the ray tracing in Exodus looks like on Series X)
    Witcher 3 GOTY for $3
    AC Triple Pack (Black Flag, Syndicate, Unity) for around $4
    Resident Evil Triple Pack (RE4, RE5, RE6) for around $7

    I also paid around $3.50 to unlock Dolby Atmos on my Series X.

    A good site to bookmark if you want cheap digital Xbox games, great if you've got a Series S. Eneba is another one with similar prices.

    • I am Argentinian, I am always surprised on how cheap digital stuff is over there. I did the same VPN thing to subscribe to Youtube Premium + Youtube Music.. It's about $3 a month that way.

      Also Nintendo Switch (indie) games are way cheaper there than here, the problem is that the Arg eShop won't accept my NZ credit card. I had to ask a relative for their credit card details to do it 💩

  • Is there an easy way to get an Argentinian VPN? I'm after the Witcher for cheap!

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      I use Urban VPN for Chrome, it's free.

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