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Google Nest Mini, Buy One Get One Free $89 ($44 with Pricematch) @ The Warehouse


Pricematch with the special from Pbtech who are selling them for $44.00, then BOGOF at warehouse, effectively making them $22 each!




Use the live chat feature to request pricematch on warehouse app.
Then if you want to bump the total to $50+ you can get another $5 off for your troubles.

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    I have done this in the past, but it only worked in store. Live chat is kinda smarter

  • I just price matched it for $44 but when I add a second one it is $66.50

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      That's because they have adjusted one to $44 and the second one is at $89.
      Total = $133.
      Apply BOGOF (makes it half of $133 which is $66.50)

      You could probably apply the spend $50 get $5 off and get it for $61.50 in total via the app which is still pretty good for two units.

  • From Warehouse Terms and Conditions "Products lowered in price cannot be combined with any other TWL or competitor’s promotion or credit offer" found here https://help.thewarehouse.co.nz/Help/s/article/Price-promise. So they do have a way out.

  • Thought it didn't include tech items has that changed

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      You can match tech items just not get the pricebeat by 10%.

      I'm not sure if you can get the price any better than what bullseye did above
      They are getting tougher on price matching and I'm not sure if you will actually be able to get it for $22 each but be great to be proved wrong.

  • OP, did you get two for $44? Do you need to have both in your cart when price matching?

    • Just got denied a price Match due to it being a bundle deal by Louie.

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    Looks like TWH have fixed quite a number of "bugs" in their system…haha

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    How does this compare to Alexa? Better, worse or pretty much the same

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      I use quite a bit of google stuff (chromecast, calendar, etc.) so personally I find it better than alexa.

      • Can you get it to play stuff on the chromecast? That's awesome

        • Yea you can ask it “Play the office on my tv” and it’ll turn on the tv and load in netflix from where u left off.

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      If you use youtube music, only google supports this.

    • We have google for a year and switched to Alexa and find Alexa vastly superior

      • What's better? I have a Google mini and looking to switch

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    What do you use this for? I never had one, don't feel like I'm missing out on anything?

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      I don’t have a Google Nest but do have Alexa devices which I imagine are pretty similar.
      It has a number of uses but the main ones are:

      • Kitchen timer - really useful when in the kitchen just to be able to say ‘set a timer for xxx minutes’ or ‘how long is left on my timer’
      • Shopping list - add an item as you remember and then check the list on shopping day.
      • Opening/Closing garage door - great when hands are full.
      • Turning outside lights on/off
      • News update / weather forecast
      • Playing Spotify - call out playlist, skip song, volume up/down etc

      There’s lots of other things as well but the above are the main things I use it for.

      • -1

        I guess you don't carry your phone around with you?

        • +3

          Yes but easier / more convenient with voice control.

          • @bigcheese: I agree Voice control because it's easier. I use Google nest and have them all around the house and outside in the workshop. Even if I leave the keys inside the house, I just call out Open garage door. Probably not a good idea for security. I have Alexa as well but she gets confused when I say hey Google.

      • I presume that you need to have a smart garage door that supports wifi?

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          No. Mine is not a smart garage door opener.
          I simply purchased a wifi controlled dry contact relay from Ali Express and connected it to the garage door opener unit.
          It means I can still use a remote or door switch as well as voice control with Alexa.

          It was relatively cheap. The only downside is that it doesn't know the 'state' of the garage door so my command 'garage on' will either raise or lower the door and I could run the risk of leaving it open if I'm not careful (ie if the door was already closed).

          • @bigcheese: Have a look at Linus Tech Tips, they just did one similar to yours tow work with home assistant

    • It's quite handy to just bark Google searches that have a simple answer at and for a smart home. Things like "who sang xxx" where Google in your phone would just tell you and you don't need to go to a website it will just read those answers out.

      For a smart home it's really handy for controlling lights and plugs again removing the need for your phone.

      If you have an Android phone just say ok Google and use that to try it, it's the same thing but in a speaker.

      Also useful to say find my phone and it'll call you.

      Final use we used for a while was multi room audio. The sound from the minis isn't great but it's fine for background noise, you can group them to play from them all at once, it even with newer Chromecasts and cat enabled speakers. I replaced one of mine with a better Xiaomi version that had more volume but the functionality is the same.

  • Same price at Bunnings. Accept credit card https://www.bunnings.co.nz/google-nest-mini-chalk_p0172946

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    So did anyone actually manage to get two for $44?

    Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen is $36 at PB Tech. Could pricematch at TWH or NL. Pricebeat at Bunnings.

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      Just managed to get two of them for $44 with EJ on live chat. Had to price match 1 for a start then they added the bundle deal.

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        Same got EJ as well on online chat. He did price match with bundle. Thanks Mahtay :)

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          EJ is a champ! Just did the same for me

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    I got 2 for $39.60 not sure how just worked out that way winning!

    • You got a price beat $39.60 = 90% × $44.00 when Technology products are normally price match.

    • yeah weird, i got 2x for 39.40

  • Mine is weird (I was with Jules), I got 2x for $64.30. Don't know how they came up with that amount.

  • Just managed to get 2 for $39.40, when they ask you how many you want make sure to say 2 and then when you add 2 to your basket the discount will be applied to both (also i could only add 1 of each colour, not sure why), thanks to OP

  • OOS

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