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Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer $289.99 (Normally $499.99) @ Famers (Instore Only)


Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Airfryer

Double basket Air Fryer

Most retailers sell for >$450 so this is a big discount.

$289.99 at Farmers or you can get Noel Leeming to price match

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    Get it from Briscoes who will do a pricematch - 10% less than the $289.99 Farmers price which will make it $260.99
    Here's the link for Briscoes where it's currently selling for $499.99

    In stock at the following Briscoes:
    Wairau Park, Blenheim, Taupo, Dunedin

    • Can you price match online or does it have to be instore?

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        Looks like you can do it instore or over the phone

        Ph: 0800 274 726

        Monday - Friday
        8:00am - 6:00pm
        Saturday - Sunday
        9:00am - 4:00pm

        • great thanks

        • Call and did it over the phone, they said someone will call back 24-48hrs later to take payment details
          when i asked for an email to confirm that the order has been put through they said they can't coz it's a form they fill and send off.

          anyone else get the same?

    • Thanks, didn't realise Briscoes did price beat, good to know.

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    Damn, I purchased this a few weeks ago on special from Briscoes for $500(link). Except for the price it's a great buy, chips, pork/lamb chops, 1/2 chicken in each draw, roast vege's….absolutely love this air fryer.

    • On sale, for $500? Sounds like they had misleading signage based on this price history: https://www.priceme.co.nz/Ninja-AF300/p-909744277.aspx#Produ...

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      Do you have to clean after each cook

      • Easy fast food nuggets, chips etc no, everything else I do because they release a lot of fat. Bacon also makes your kitchen smell like bacon for a good 24hrs(a positive IMO). Easy to clean. The tray insert & draw lining are not stick, more so than any pot or pan. The surface almost almost slippery & wipes clean with hot soapy water/cloth.

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        You can line up the tray with baking paper. Just make few holes with a toothpick so that air flow evens out a bit.

    • I often wondered .. are these any good taste wise ?

      • Bacon, pork/lamb chops, whole chickens, roast veges are all set & forget. If the larger 9.x litre edition was available I'd have bought that. I've had previous cheaper Air Fryers which are only good for chips/nuggets but this one I'd put on par with mini desktop ovens/grillers. I even use it to crisp up frozen pies that were zapped in the microwave.

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    Deep Fryer supremacy.

    Have a look at the Tefal Oleoclean series, they drain and filter the oil after every use, and the bigger one can be pulled apart and almost entirely thrown in the dishwasher, solving the two biggest issues with deep frying at home.

    I got the Snack model from Amazon AU for like $130, but I dream of owning one of the two bigger models.



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      Deep fryer, Air fryer.. Two different things.

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        Not from how they've been sold to me.

        People whom have talked about their benefits to me have tried to sell them on making chips, and cooking things with "less fat than a deep fryer".

        If air fryer marketing makes the deep fryer product comparison, why can't I?

        Hell, google "less fat than a deep fryer" and the results are 100% air fryers with that exact quote.


        Air fryer manufacturers put them in the same class.

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          I guess it's just a different appliance. Most people will go out to buy an air fryer or a deep fryer, not either depending on what they find.

        • That Tefal Oleoclean looks pretty amazing, the filtering of the oil is great so you can keep reusing it, oil is bloody expensive these days.

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          Are you kidding? Air fryers are the anti deep fryer, the whole point is that you can get results without using any oil

          • @Plug: Results yes, but not the same results. You can get results in an oven or a microwave as well without oil.

            Things good for deep frying (like chips, and tonkatsu, I make a lot of tonkatsu), despite marketing otherwise, are always better in a deep fryer.

            And I want to dispel the misconception that air fryers are just as good as a deep fryer for deep fried foods.

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      A closer comparison is probably the 49 bucks TWH convection oven, but people seem to prefer air fryers…I don't understand the hype…haha


      • I found air fryer fast very convenient no need to use paper tray so on

      • Can you do bakery e.g. cake or bread with it?

        • Yes, these are like a normal oven, convection fan oven.

    • I own that second Tefal model, the big one, and we barely use it. If we had a better bbq set up we might use it in summer but it feels really naughty doing it for just the two of us. Even filtering the oil it still gets dark and smelly so it's pretty expensive to fill. I think mine takes 4-5L. But getting rid of the oil is worse. I can't find anywhere to recycle it near me so it just has to go in the household rubbish.

  • This is a good price, and I often use my friend's one. Personally the only thing I don't like is that you can't fit larger things like whole chickens in it. So I went with a larger single basket one as I do this all the time.

  • I got instant pot duo crisp + air fryer it was like around 280 nzd or about 248 AUD I use transfer wise card from Amazon au was on special like few days ago

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    Similar quality, larger capacity (2 shelf) Instant Pot Vortex 10L is available on Amazon currently for AUD 239 (~ NZD 278 Delivered).


    Also the 5.7L Votex is on special for around
    NZD $218 delivered


    I've had both Ninja and Instant Pot brands before and prefer the Instant Pot.

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    thanks op. good deal! we've had our one for probably 7 years? not entirely sure but our old ones draw didn't even close fully anymore!

  • I've been looking for air fryers for ages but not sure about tge noise and smell as I live in apartment.
    Will be smell all over the places?

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      Depends on the food. Bacon definitely Yes, pork/lamb/chicken & everything else I've tried so far No.

  • Bought this one for $83 from mitre10 using price beat during a sale. Does the job pretty well. Been using it for more than a year now. About 4 times a week. Works well

  • Sold out online. Now only available instore.

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