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Xbox Series X $799 @ Microsoft Store


Not really a deal but at least you can buy Xbox series X at original price.

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  • Tempted… somebody stop me…

    • +1

      let me stop you. wait for Noel Leeming to get additional flybuys.

      • Thanks mate, you’re not the friend I really wanted but you are definitely the friend I really needed… plus, I should at least wait to see what EB games might offer me by way of trade-in on my Xbox One (non-Series) X…

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          I got $297 when I traded in my PS Pro for a PS5, and they sell the 2nd hand PS Pros for $598 while the Xbox One X's they do for $150 less at $448, so I'm guessing trade in will be around $220. I just sold my Xbox One X on Trade Me at the beginning of April for $320 which after success fees left me with about $295. Sell it privately you'll get more for it, I would have sold my Pro privately the only reason I didn't was because it had a dodgy disk drive and EB don't check your hardware when you trade it in. Got $30 for each PS4 controller as well (all of them apart from one had stick drift). It's good to know that EB are good for something.

      • 15 points or is there some other promo going on? Microsoft deal has free shipping which is worth more than the points

        Not sure if it would work but you might be able to get 1.5% cashback too?

        • true, forgot NL xbox no free click & collect

        • You can also use Microsoft Rewards points on store credit towards purchase on MS store. Not sure if that will stack with kiwiwallet - says gift card use will void cashback.

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