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Dyson V8 Origin $449.10 Delivered with MarketClub @ The Market


Dyson v8 origin. Not a bad price if you dont need all the extra attachments. $499 but using the code brings it down to $449.10 delivered.

Comes with direct drive cleaner head and a combination tool (2 less attachments than the animal model)

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    What's the appeal of such an expensive vacuum? I would rather just get a robo vac for less

    • +1

      Robovac can't do stairs, sofa, car etc. Stick vacuum are good for spot cleaning as well.

      I still feel Dyson is over-priced.

      • i find my dyson pretty good. but its quite subjective. i like that its always ready, can do my apartment on less than one charge and cleans carpet surprisingly deep. havent heard good things about the generic stick vacs.

    • i have a V11, it is good, but honestly that will be the first and last dyson for me, although it is good but not much better than a sub 200 dollars vacuum cleaner.

    • Dyson is the "apple" of vacuums.

      Perfectly exact in every single way possible

      • +1

        Except for the one job it's designed for - sucking. For the same price my Miele is close to pulling the nails out of the floorboards, throug the carpet

  • I have eight vacuum cleaners and if I was rating them out of 10 I would give the 3 Miele's 10, 2 Dyson ball 6, my 20-year-old AEG vampire made in Germany before they went bankrupt 10, 2 Dyson V6 4 I wouldn't consider a stick vacuum cleaner as a true vacuum cleaner it's more of a sucking brush but also very handy for quickly removing crumbs and the trail of sawdust leading to the fireplace.

    • What were the Miele's? They seem like a good ROI for a premium option.

      • Miele S7000 1800 Watt Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Miele S5261 2200 Watt Cat and Dog Turbo Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner.

    • I am looking for a stick vacuum. Not my main vacuum. This will be more for spot cleaning, stairs and car. I have heard good things about meile. Which model u got? Any idea about MI brand or kmart?

      • I have two types, Miele S7000 Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Miele S5261 2200 Watt Cat and Dog Turbo Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner. Stick vacuum cleaners are good for spot cleaning but not very good for cars and another thing is to consider 3-4 year life of the battery and its replacement cost.

    • Are any of them cordless? Been looking for a good replacement for my 7 year old Vax Air cordless upright, it's been a great vacuum but the casing has cracks and the batteries are tired, not massive suction but cordless and decent sized dust canister. No one seems to do anything comparable with exchangeable batteries anymore, they're all sticks which feel like they're trying to collapse pushing them on deep pile carpet.

  • +1

    I cant stand our Dyson stick vac, pretty overpriced for the convenience of going cordless.. that's only pro for me, everything else I hate about it.

    • Yes, I can see why, they are quite high maintenance especially if you're not watching want it's sucking up. I have an air compressor which is great for cleaning the filtration system. Unfortunately, they are marketed as a complete vacuum system when they aren't, you're far better to buy a $600 Miele and pay for the bags which would work out cheaper than paying for batteries. https://tinyurl.com/29m8e3fn

  • We got a Tineco Pure One S12 and love it. Lightweight, great suction either automated or manually, collects our pet hair better than others we've tried. Not a "cheapies" stick vacuum and believe Godfrey are the only stockists

  • +3

    If you do buy a Dyson make sure you keep your receipt, before 2 years is up let them know the runtime isn't any good anymore and they send you a free replacement battery

    • Yes their warranty Service is excellent didn't even ask for the old battery back as long as you have the receipt, my V6 wasn't even registered for warranty purposes with them.

  • Just got an email via DS. Hows the xiaomi brand compare to these, this model is half price.


  • Dick Smith are such scumbags with their rrps and having 20 similar models of the same generic Chinese crap to confuse people. Don't get me started on their shipping costs…

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