No 10c Discount Day at Mobil This Week?

Has Mobil decided to axe their discount day too?

Tuesday is normally 10c discount day, but today they seem to only be offering 2X Smiles points, rather than an increased discount.

I normally go with either Gull or Mobil on their discount days and since Gull seem to have also axed their discount days too (, I'm wondering what the next best loyalty scheme might be (if any)?

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  • Perhaps they are targetted like BP? I dunno I don't use Mobil or Gull. My BP 10c discount day is Wednesday, but if I miss it, the app recognises that and I get another offer of 10c for Friday and Saturday.

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    Yeah, I got the notification on the app, no 10c today, only 2x points

    But I don't use that anyway, I use the 16c discount with Farm Source Supercard

  • Usually Z offers 10 cents off on Wednesdays! That's said, Gull used to be the cheapest option during discount days compared to other loyalty but in recent times its not the case. Its almost similar to other retailers.

  • Double points works out to about 3c/L discount vs 4c/L on a 10c day so it's not much of a difference except that you don't use it right away.

  • Reminder to fill us with gas before august 14. I'm guessing our Comrades in the beehive will remove the 25c discount.

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      so like umm does anyone know if those 30,000 litre water tanks will be safe to store fuel too??

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