No Gull Discount Day This Month?

I've not seen any Gull discount days this month. Is it still a thing?


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    Gull has apparently thrown the towel. Don't know the reasons, but it seems like it's no longer competition. Pretty ridiculous, really.
    Do you use Gaspy? It's the best way to track cheaper petrol near you.

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    Hopefully they haven't stopped completely. Maybe they are holding off until the long weekend….

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      I'm hoping for this too. Discounts are usually on a Thursday at the end of the month. So maybe 2nd June.

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    Filled my car last weekend and local gull is more expensive than Mobil, and Mobil always has 6 cents off.

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      If you have a local Mobil nearby, look into getting a Farm Source Super Card. 16c discount @Mobil everyday.

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    Noticed that as well. Hoping they might be waiting for next week due to Queen's birthday

    • Guess not, dang :-(

  • Those who fill up the Sharetank in March can use it now…

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