Looking for an HDMI Set up to Have Multiple Monitors

Hi all,

I'm going to be working from home for the next few months. I've got a laptop with a usb-c hub that only has one HDMI port in it that I've gotten from work. But I've got two monitors at home I'm keen to get going, both of which only have HDMI outputs.

What kind of adaptor/hub do I need to get both working with my laptop? Is something like this going to do the job?


Are there any other decent hubs with multiple HDMI inputs (as well as standard USB inputs) with a USB C output? It would also be a bonus if the hub could charge my laptop as well. Picture in comments of my current hub.



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    I personally think you are looking at the wrong tool for the job, you'd likely be better going for a USB-C dock to pair with your laptop which would run slightly more expensive, but provide more inputs and be better suited. What model laptop is it so we can see what the USB-C output on it supports?

    • A dock sounds like exactly what I would be after. I think it's a small dock that I have from work currently. It's an HP Elitebook but I don't have any model information other than that unfortunately.

    • Is something like this what you'd be thinking?


      I feel like that's a pretty outrageous price so would certainly prefer something a little more reasonable! But 2 HDMI ports doesn't seem all that common from my quick googling.

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    If you're looking for a cheap option (given the site), you might just be able to buy one of these two to add to your existing dock if you have a second USB C port:

    Another option is to see if you have a DisplayPort or mini-DP output on your laptop for one of the video outputs. Then you just need a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter/cable.

    If not, then yes, the MightyApe option is probably one of your cheaper options, but none of these will be able to charge your laptop. You need a powered dock for that and as Toddy47 has indicated these are more expensive. You would be looking for a "USB-C dock with Power Delivery (PD)". Be aware that you should at least match, if not exceed the wattage that your laptop requires to charge.

    Something like this may work if you already have a USB-C charger for your laptop: https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/HUBUNI1009/Unitek-D1051A-uH...

    One final specification you may wish to check is the maximum resolution of the displays that are supported: many will only support FullHD (1920x1080) for the two monitors. If your screens are higher than that you may be limited to the lower resolution.

    Also just a side note in case you're going to a store to ask or trying to Google for what you need: you're getting your inputs and outputs mixed up: The computer sends out the video signal (via USB-C, HDMI, DisplayPort, via a hub/dock, etc) so these ports are outputs, whereas the monitor takes in the signal so the ports on the monitor are typically all inputs. In the general sense you can talk about ports being inputs if there's a signal or data that travels (mostly) one-way into a device/computer/peripheral, and outputs for the other direction.

    So you're ideally after a "USB-C dock with Power Delivery and dual HDMI outputs" :)

    Hope that helps.

    • Thanks - this is extremely helpful! I did end up stumbling across the pbtech hub you've linked once I filtered for options with two HDMI inputs!

      Ideally I think after reading all these comments I'm after a usb-c dock with power delivery and dusk HDMI ports as well as multiple USB ports for wireless mouse etc. So I'll keep looking for the perfect set up but I greatly appreciate the detailed information!

  • I have an older Dell D3100 dock - I picked it up on trademe for around $100. 2 monitors plugged in (has 2 HDMI inputs as well as display port) I use the standard USB B - USB cable with a USB - USB C adapter but that’s just because I haven’t got round to replacing the cable.
    It doesn’t charge my laptop though - but otherwise it’s easy to just plug in one cable and have everything work.

    • Thanks - I'll keep an eye out for one of those, seems like it could be a good option too. The charging is a bit of a nice to have so shouldn't be a deal breaker!

  • Something like this may work for your needs? Only has 1 usb port though

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    I'm in the same boat, started a new job and got a lappie with just one USB A port and one USB-c port (microsoft surface). My monitors are pretty old, and work gives a $400 grant for new employees to set up home, so decided to get a new 27 inch dell monitor that has a built in dock/kvm switch, and power enough to charge the laptop. After chatting to a Dell chat rep, managed to score this monitor for $520 - https://www.dell.com/en-nz/shop/dell-ultrasharp-27-usb-c-hub...

    • Interesting, pretty good of your work to sort you out with that grant. Looks a good price for a very nice monitor!

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        yup, considering the cost of a dock station by itself.
        Will probably buy the same monitor minus the docking/kvm set up for a dual setup. That model is the U2722D.

  • Just want to add some comment on the refresh rate. I am not sure what screen resolution you are looking for.
    Cheap usb-c hub/hdmi cable does not provide 4K resolution with 60Hz refresh rates, but only supports 4K 30Hz.
    Some people are okay with 30Hz refresh rate, but for me it was impossible to work with.

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