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WD/SanDisk Sale: Sandisk Ultra 400GB microSD NZ$80 Delivered; WD 10TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive NZ$352 Delivered @ Amazon US


Amazon US are having a one day sale on Western Digital and Sandisk drives. Some of the heavy spinners won’t ship to NZ, but the flash storage will. Some examples include:

Sandisk Ultra 400GB micro SD for NZ $80 shipped - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GYG5SVQ

SanDisk 2TB Extreme PRO Portable SSD For NZ $425 shipped - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GV4YYV7

WD 10TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive For NZ $306 shipped - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G3QMPB5

I haven’t compared to local prices yet but these seem like decent discounts.

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    Hey OP how did you get $305 delivered for the 10TB? I get $352.03 at checkout. Maybe because I'm rural?

    Edit: changed to a non-rural address, still $352.03.

    Sandisk 2TB you linked comes to $489.03 for me.

    Good idea to check pricing over at Amazon AU too. 400GB MicroSD is at a similar NZD price and it'll probably arrive sooner.

    • same here, gst,shipping adds another $48usd

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      I didn’t go through the checkout process, but on the product page it reads:
      * Top Deal: NZD276.10
      * NZD 30.01 Shipping to New Zealand

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        Product page also says: Sales taxes may apply at checkout

        Which for us means GST is added later. GST is added to shipping cost as well.

        Order Summary
        Items: NZD 276.10
        Shipping & handling: NZD 30.01

        Total before GST: NZD 306.11
        Estimated GST to be collected: NZD 45.91
        Payment Total: NZD 352.03

        Might still be a good deal, I don't know.

        • @jaknz can you update the post to reflect the correct (NZD$352.03) price that boric posted?
          It turns the above HDD deal from a good one to just an OK one.
          If you are patient, they regularly have cheaper prices per TB than that.

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    B&H Photo have the 10TB for ~$302 shipped.

    Edit: they also have the WD 14TB Red Pro for ~$397 shipped

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      Have you actually gone to checkout to see that price?
      That 10TB his showing (after postage & tax) as USD$249.11 for me which is closer to NZ$385

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        $196 USD for me so about $300 NZD

        • Can you post the breakdown.

          once NZ is selected as a destination I can see:
          $174.99 for the drive
          $41.63 shipping

          $32.49 dutys and taxes

          $249.11 total (usd)

          Even with local "pick-up" it's US$190.52 once tax is applied.

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            @fake: For DUTIES & TAXES, select "I'll handle myself". Considering this is <$1000, you will not need to pay duties or gst.

            • @Bargain-Hunter: Thanks,
              That will save some $$ and bring it down to US$216.62.

              Still not sure how you guys arrived at US$196 though…
              When the cheaper shipping is selected it says "Shipping starting from $21.0" however still bills it at $41.63 to NZ

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                @fake: No problem, my shipping cost is showing as: $21.01 USD - DHL Global Mail 10-15 Business Days

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                  @Bargain-Hunter: Figured it out,
                  For some reason mine was defaulting/resetting back to DHL Express ($41.63).
                  So you are right the total comes to USD$196.00.

                  Thanks @Bargain-Hunter, you pretty much saved me $100

  • Does anyone know what Discs are inside the Desktop HDD ? RED ? BLUE ? GREEN ? Thanks

    • Whites, helium filled on the last 3 purchased.
      not as good as the reds but still a good very good drive.

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    12TB seems to be a better deal/lower price per TB if you don't need the 10TB in particular

    • They have sales with 14TB for USD$200 if you are looking for price per TB and don't need one now.

      • Yeah I got one last year, not planning to get any now

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    I managed to get 64TB Exos drives for just under $2000NZD last year

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      That is a lot of storage.. maybe im a teensy bit jealous

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    BHphoto 12tb WD external drive for $219USD shipped (approx $338nzd). Click 'I'll handle myself' and no tax is added because it is < $1000.

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