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Samsung 980 Pro 1TB with Heatsink NVMe PCIe 4.0 M.2 SSD $229 Delivered @ PB Tech


Nice price for Playstation 5 Internal Expansion. Seems to have good reviews and appears simple to install.

SSD Capacity: 1000 GB
Read Speed: 7000 MBps
Write Speed: 5000 MBps
Form Factor: M.2
Interface: PCIe NVMe 4.0 x4

Free shipping deal

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  • If only Xbox expansion was this 'cheap' sigh

  • Thanks for sharing, just bought one.
    PS5 test only shows about 5000mb for reading but the box says its up to 7000.
    I guess it's up to…..LOL. It's cheapest so far with heatsink.

    • I think PS5 is bottlenecking this SSD. I read the full amount on my Gen 4 ssd motherboard.

    • you have to update the SSD with the latest firmware which can be found on the samsung website and require a PC which takes NVME SSD, you can ask PBtech to update it for you as well and that will give you the 7000mb speeds

      • would pb tech charge a fee for updating?

        • not sure never asked them just heard that they can do it if you ask them to

          • @Mo11: when I picked up, I asked him and he said it's not required because when you install it in the ps5, it needs to format anyways, losing any update that'd been completed.

            • @kiwiicheapies: pretty much telling you he cant be bothered, formatting the SSD doesnt remove the updates, I would recommend finding a friend who has a PC which takes NVME SSD and updating the firmware.

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              @kiwiicheapies: you would need to use a pc then, the firmware is flashed on the drive permanently

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                @coffeee: it was limited to 5500mb/s which isn't horrible. I do have a laptop with an m.2 slot but I'd have to download windows on it so upgrade it which is a bit of a pain. I'll look into updating the firmware later when I have time

  • samsung partner shop is 199 for those who has access…

    • Samsung External Partners shop shows this as $216.31 for me is the price different for each company? MZ-V8P2T0BW 980 Pro 1TB no heatsink.

      • +1

        sorry, you are right,I got it confused with 970 eve plus 1 tb…

    • whats the price for 2tb?

    • any chance can get access to the partner shop :D :D looking to buy the 2TB version instead of 1TB

      • +2

        if you have a student email, you can get access to it. its quite easy

        • unfortunately I dont :(

          • @Mo11: you can get one if you are nifty enough to google it.

            • @Saint: does it work with apple music?

        • +1

          hmm strange i have the workplace epp and student store, students only get 20% off vs workplace 25% off

          • @Soullessmate: Yes from what I've heard business EPP is often better than the student store. Not that surprising really especially since the student one is so easy to game

            • @Nil Einne: but still in my previous workplace(big telco) I am pretty sure i got my m.2 ssd 30% off so even among businesses it may vary

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      anyone who wants access - msg me

  • That's a good price. Thanks OP!!!

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