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BOGOF American Muscle Burger (Single, $12.30) or V8 Vegan ($14.50) @ BurgerFuel


Purchase a American Muscle Single or a V8 Vegan and get an American Muscle Single or V8 Vegan for FREE. Second burger will be of lesser or equal value. Offer can be redeemed in-store, by showing this email on your mobile device, printed out, or via online ordering by adding both items to your cart and entering the code RADIOMATES. Offer not available at BurgerFuel Cambridge. One voucher code offer can be used per person, per visit and per online order. Offer is valid until COB 26/05/2022, or while stocks last. BurgerFuel reserve the right to discontinue this offer at any time.

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    Image from email to show in-store

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    ah bummer they're only doing single american muscles… how am I gonna clog my arteries now

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      Get 2 singles?

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        by paying an extra $3.65? ya dreaaamin mate sir this is cheapies

    • Was wondering why no chicken, it's mentioned in the email P.S. Sorry chicken lovers, due to supply issues we are not able to include any of our delicious chicken burgers in the two for one offer. Cheers Covid.

      • I have tried to order a chicken burger a couple of times over the past few weeks and my preferred store has been sold out a couple of times!

    • i actually got offered the double today but its $5 more,so i stuck with the single.

      • yeah I placed an order online and could see the double on offer and yes it was $17.30, could be store dependant

  • American muscle not worth it!!!

    • 2 burgers for $12.30.

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        I did it, and it was goooood. My whole face was covered in mayo…nom nom nom

        • American muscle doesn't have mayo, it has Dijon mustard and Aioli. Nor does the V8 Vegan for that matter (has vegan aioli). Did you add extra?

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            @Nil Einne: Fine it was a mixture of mustard and aioli then. Was still bloody good.

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    Damn, used to be awesome when they did the doubles!

  • Cries in Cambridge…

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      Happy wallet

    • If you're wondering:

      P.P.P.S. Cambridge locals will need to hit up an alternative store in the Waikato region to redeem this offer. Our BurgerFuel Cambridge crew are fresh as a daisy and not yet accustomed to the absolute chaos that a World Burger Day deal can bring.

      • True that. The last few weekends have been a nightmare for them. Once it wears off they will
        wish it never did. Typical Cambridge tho

  • has anyone tried the Low Carborator (switch your bun and relish for extra salad)

    • Yeah once they charged me an extra dollar for it and it was lame (just wrappen in some lettuce) and the next time i got it was free (well normal burger price) and completely different, came in a box with a cool little wooden set of knife and fork, was lots more lettuce like a salad with meat patties

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    No more burger fuel for a while now! I just had 2 burgers every single day from the start of this promo. I'm ready to die happy.

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