Waitomo Fuel App - Don't Update if you have multiple SIM cards...

Just a word of warning about the latest update on the Waitomo app.
This applies to those of you with multiple SIM cards - If you you only have one then it won't affect you.

This has just been released (for iOS anyway - can't speak for Android).

There are some new features which I haven't tried out yet such as:

  • Being able to preselect an exact fuel amount (rather than the current presets $10, $20 etc)
  • Save up your 'Spin & Win' for later
  • Linking multiple payment cards

The biggest change is that every time you log in with a new mobile number you need to enter a one time verification code.
Essentially, it is the same as the likes of the Mobil app.
You are no longer be able to log out / log in with other mobile numbers unless you have that SIM card in a phone to verify.

It was only a matter of time before this was implemented so if you are still using an old version of the app then I suggest you don't update until it is required / no longer supported.


  • bypassable with android at least. Will test soon.

  • +1

    Sometimes the app forces you to update before you can use it.

    • This app or are you talking about other apps?

      • This app

        • So are you re-opening the app to get around it since it only happens sometimes?

          • @Bill: Still using the old android app version so no idea of the new "security" features

            • @The Hound: no, i mean are you already being forced to update it now to the newer version or are you talking about past updates.

              • @Bill: the past, 4 weeks ago in fact, haven't filled up lately

  • I thought this at the time and you had to update to continue…anyone else have the same

  • I just check the one at Google Play Store the version last updated is on 15/11/2021….I update it from Huawei App Gallery a few days ago when i do a phone reset, just tried to log in it havent ask me to do the one time verification code yet, maybe this is the 1st number after reset the phone?
    What i just did, search Waitomo in Google Play Store, click on the 3 dots on the top right, untick the "Enable auto update", hopefully this will stop it to update to the new one.

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      I can only comment on my experience with iOS so far.
      Once I had entered the verification code I didn’t need to enter it again as long as I didn’t log out.
      When I logged out I needed to enter a verification code again to login.

      Android may be different.

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    in android it's possible to get around app updates by doing the following:

    extract the existing 'original' app Apk file from the phone (use the 'apk extractor' app)
    then 'resign' it ( use the apk signer app)
    then reinstall using the resigned app - this will prevent updates from happening to that app.

    • Good tips thanks for this mate!

  • Not sure how to post a pic, but it won't let you use the app without updating… I deleted, then reinstalled using old apk, then wouldn't let me sign in without updating =/

    • +1

      Same here (re: auto update). The link below is where you upload pictures


      • Now they send OTP to registered mobile number. I was able to login to 2 accounts.

      • Android still hasn't force me to update, maybe need to buy a low spec phone that doesn't support newest version to use this?

        • I think it's a in app thing and will make you either way.i didn't have updates automatic and when I went to open the app it would not continue untill it was updated

          • @geardropper: @geardropper

            I'm able to log in and out of my 25+ Accounts no problem (No need to Force Stop app in-between each login).
            I Manually Updated app to version 3.5.1 on the 17th May 2022 (4 Days ago) However…. 2 different accounts, when I try to login it prompts me to update app via Play Store. So I just Force Stop app and continue to login to the other accounts no problems.

            Update version 4.1.2 is available on my Play Store, definitely not going to update from version 3.5.1 just incase 🤞

  • Still working fine today with auto update off on my s22 ultra, although one account had this upon logging in

  • Tested out the updated app today.
    Definitely some positives to the update.
    It’s definitely a lot faster. Everything from activating the pump, to spinning the wheel was significantly quicker.

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