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Spend $1500 in First 3 Months, Receive 500 Bonus Airpoints (New Signups, $195 Annual Fee) @ AmEx Airpoints Platinum Card


500 Bonus Airpoints Dollars when you apply by 8 August 2022, are approved and spend $1,500 on your new Card within the first 3 months. New Card Members only.

Annual Fee: $195 p.a.

To apply for an American Express Airpoints Platinum Card, you’ll need to be able to meet the following criteria:

  • Be aged 18 or over
  • Have no history of bad debt or payment default
  • Have a personal gross (pre-tax) annual income of $65,000 or more
  • Have the right to work in New Zealand, and
  • If self-employed, have been trading for at least 18 months (or 12 months if I hold an existing American Express issued Card)

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Referrer gets 40 Airpoints Dollars. Referees should select the Airpoints Platinum card if not taken to the correct Amex card.

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  • +1

    Has anyone had any luck in upgrading from the basic airpoints card for example and qualifying for the offer/getting around this condition?

    Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any other Card product offered by American Express International (NZ), Inc in the preceding 18 month period are ineligible for this offer.

    • I am sure I got a similar or the same deal last year as an upgrade from a standard amex. They sent me a letter though asking me to upgrade. Upgrade was simple to do and I didn't have to show any documents.

    • +1

      Tried my best with a phone call to them, but failed unfortunately.

      • I sent them a message saying I would consider upgrading my card to a platinum (from the basic card) if they would give a sign up bonus - to which they said no. Seems like they are pretty content to let people sit on their low fee card which doesn't make much sense to me.

        I was thinking calling them would yield a better outcome. How did your phone call go? I am wondering if I can argue my way into it.

    • +2

      I called to close my basic airpoints card and they gave me another 300 airpoints dollars to keep it for another year (I have had the card for 2 years).

      • That sounds like a great deal!

      • +1

        Do you spend a lot on the basic card? 300 AP for keeping a no annual fee card seems almost too good to be true.

        • I was as surprised as you. I've been averaging around 1k a month on that card - always paid off on time.

          • @Chryogenic: Very interesting. I currently have been using ASBs platinum (free for a year + 300 bonus) but also have the basic Amex AP card. Once the free fee period with my ASB card ends I will revert back to Amex and see if I can bargain like you did. Maybe say I will get the SBS visa cashback instead and threaten to leave…

  • For the Annual fee they state:

    "Charged annually on the anniversary of your Account and charged in advance."

    Does this mean that it's charged on day 1? So I can't sign up, spend $1,500, get my 500 AP then cancel and not get a fee?

    • +2

      I recalled getting charged on the first month for $195. Might be wrong as that was last year's promotion. But highly doubt could cancel it after the AP are in and not get a fee.

    • You will defo get charged the 195

  • +1

    Damn, I only got the normal 400 airpoints in Feb. For people applying then cancelling, doesn't it affect your credit score? Each time you apply AMEX does a hard pull on your credit. I know people applying for 3 cards at once so AMEX only does one hard pull instead of 3 hard pulls on your credit

    • I know Hard poll is a big thing in the states, trying to understand what is the NZ's story, what happen if your credit score is getting lower? cant get a loan?

    • +1

      It will affect your credit score, yes, although I'm not certain by how much or how much different credit providers care. Each of the credit bureaus calculate scores differently, and it's not clear how lenders use this information.

      However it probably isn't a great look to be applying for lots of small credit cards - each time you apply, it shows up as a credit enquiry on your credit file and may not look great to lenders.

      Source: work for a credit provider.

      • I recently found out that Zip and AfterPay can also appear (and affect) your credit report.

  • ANZ Airpoints Visa Platinum card is also having 400 airpoints bonus with min spend $1,000 for the first 3 months. Annual fee is $150, just as an other option :)

    • Anyone done this recently? Was it as painful (through CCFA) as people suggest it is? Cheers

      • +2

        Did this on the Westpac airpoint offer in November. Extremely painful experience, probably only better than in one experience reported here (in that thread I think). I'd rather save $5 from a Warehouse deal than $325 from a credit card deal, given the horrendously time wasting process. (We have impeccable credit history.)

        • applying Westpac credit was a nightmare and totally wasted time, i cancel my saving account with them after getting the credit card

          • @organicLv: Same for me with Westpac. Not banking with them anymore.

            • @asterix: Yeah. Thumbs down to westpac. They’re the only bank who charge my lotto top ups as cash out and you get hit with interest straight away :(

        • Just sharing my experience as well. Applied for both ASB and Westpac recently when they had their deals, and I spent nearly an hour talking to them about my expenses (and income), and i think Westpac even asked really annoying questions like do you have a plan if you can't work, what's your life insurance and how you going to cover your mortgage if so etc. Anyway i didn't get approved with either of them and they didn't even seem to want to help me push over the line.

          Applied with ANZ this week on their deal and their process was a much easier, one hour phone call as well but more straight forward. Initially with the first lot of information I gave they said that it wasn't enough to approve my application but they suggested ways to help push me over the line. And in the end I got approved. Much better experience to ASB and Westpac, but then again think it's just down to who you get as your assessor.

      • Did it recently with ANZ and was painless.

        Couldn't notice a difference vs pre CCCFA changes.

        They asked for 3 months statements and then a 15 min phone call confirming expenses amounts (they had precalculated based on the statements).

        • I assume 3 months of bank statements = (accounts + existing credit card)?

          • @Elvino: Yep, they combined expenses from ANZ account, another account and credit card

      • I started the application last month with ANZ (digital, took 5min) then they emailed me saying to complete the application they'd have to schedule a call to talk with me on the phone FOR AN HOUR.
        Not sure if this is everyone's experience but I noped out of there because it sounded like it would be extremely annoying.

        • Had the same experience as you

        • Sounds like a nightmare.
          I recently applied online for a Q Card Mastercard. Online application wasn't a big deal. As part of the process they gain access to your online bank statements and identify your income deposits, its automated and secure. Whole process was about 10 mins and approved on the spot. Don't need to talk to anyone.
          Interest rate is horrendous but many stores have long term interest free deals with Q card so worth it for that.

        • Same experience now but imo worth it for the free cash

        • +1

          Westpac: two ~1.5hr phone calls after filling out a comprehensive online form asking for uploads of multiple documents and statements. Probably close to 5 hours of my life wasted. I'm tempted by this offer though… 🤔

        • I applied with ANZ a week ago. Had to spend an hour on the phone after sending in all the required documents. The rep said that they had to confirm each bit of data with the applicant over the phone before they could enter that data into the system, and phone call was recorded. What I found to be rather ridiculous was that I had a credit with them already and wanted to transfer to the airpoints one (same credit limit). They said I could do a transfer immediately but I would not receive the 400 points. To get the 400 points I had to apply for a ‘new’ air points visa, and then after that is approved, cancel my old credit card account…

  • +2

    Sharing my experience, signed up for this last week online, got an email yesterday saying the card was on the way. Didn't have to speak to anyone on the phone at all

    • Did you apply for AmEx Airpoints Platinum Card? Do you currently hold an existing Amex card?

      • Yep, got a platinum and have never had an Amex before

  • +1

    Definitely thinking about shifting. Not the biggest fan of Kiwibank in general.
    My only concern would be around acceptance of Amex vs say Visa.
    Are there any well known places that DONT take Amex?

    Also does Amex support google pay in nz?

    • +1

      no google pay or apple pay for amex nz.

    • +2

      "Every Amex cardholder should always have a visa or Mastercard".

      Have a look at your statements and see where you shop most/regularly. If not sure Im sure someone on here can help you confirm the acceptance of the Amex where you regular.

      • Yeah fair enough - we'll always have our visa/mc debit cards.

        I guess instead of rolling with two airpoints cards and to keep admin tidy I was wondering if people were aware of any places that don't take it… (from the looks of it acceptance keeps growing)

        • +2

          Amex is accepted at pretty much all major retail places. A few places it isn't accepted that I have found out in the last few months from owning an Amex card: Pizza Hut, Burgerfuel, at least half of Mitre10s (not a big deal if you can go to another one), some Caltex stations (note you cannot load Amex into the Z/Caltex app which is silly since Z accepts it), GiveAlittle, most car repair shops (if they have no credit charge) will take Visa/Mc but def not Amex. I think I have also had it declined at the odd Liquorland/Subway too.

          • @smugla93: burgerfuel online not, but store accepts

            • @baishishun: Ahh awesome, thanks for that. Also, today I did my car rego and that was able to done on Visa/MC only. I think a good option is to get a back up visa (such as the SBS no annual fee visa, $150 spend/$1 return) and then do all your retail/groceries on Amex.

  • Tempting but still not going to get it. Too much hassle for little reward

    • The Amex process is quite simple — online form + emailing bank statements, no extra phone calls to go over expenses line by line like with the banks.

  • Is it just me or have all the airport lounge perks vanished without a trace?

  • Applied for this offer and was approved in 2 days.

    All I had to do was send in my “Proof of Income” statement from IRD.

  • I've also applied for this earlier in the week without any hassle or documentation. Got the card 3days later, I plan to use it for the majority of our household expenses like groceries, fuel, utility, take outs etc. Easily $2k pm

    I've been thinking about switching from my existing "no award, no fee" card to this, and a simple calculation says I'll make about $300 pa in airpoints after deducting the membership fee… And that's being conservative, not taking into account those big purchases that crop up every now and then like clothes, sports gear, bikes, appliances, and and and… I bet its a good deal, and the 500 air points bonus is just that… Bonus

    I'll update any issues I might encounter

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