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Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum $599 + Shipping (Was $849) @ Harvey Norman


Dyson V8 Animal - Standard price of $849. Decent special on these types of vacuums. I believe this model is better for pet hair when compared with the standard Dyson V8.

Model Website:https://www.dyson.co.nz/dyson-v8-animal

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  • Anyone got any user feedback on this? Reviews online are promising but it's a model from 2016 which is quite old

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      I'm still rocking the even older v6, and it more than covers my needs. Needs a new battery every few years, but the genuine one from Dyson for $99 is the best way to keep it going.

      • Bought a 3rd party battery for our old v6 from aliexpress for $42.22 shipped. It's been 1.5 years now and it still works perfectly.

      • I've replaced three battery packs from Dyson for my two V6 vacuum cleaners, they generally last 3 to 4 years and they also come with a two year warranty. The bonus is I have 18 18650 batteries which are working 100% with no faults so I can only presume it's the charging controller on the battery pack. I considered buying third party batteries but that can be a bit hit and miss.

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        Oh man, I just got a battery holder for my power tool battery and modified it so now I power my V6 with my AEG tool batteries. When the battery runs out, 5 second to slide out the flat one and load in a new fully charged.

        No more Dyson batteries and the run time is waaayyy longer. Plus I have more batteries for my tools now too.

    • Personally I find the older ones don't have enough suction when you're used to a corded vacuum. But compared with other cordless options they are great - depends what your benchmark is I guess

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    In general the main difference between normal, animal, absolute; are the attachments they come with.

    When I was buying my dyson I found the youtube channel 'Vacuum Wars' very useful. They do thorough reviews on individual models and provide good comparisons between V7, V8, V10.


    Good luck deciding which one to get :)

  • Can price match with Noel Leeming for extra fly buy points?

    • Definitely worth a go to score some fly buys.
      Noel Leeming link

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      Noel leeming is also dropping the price to $599

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        $84.99 for extra 3 years warranty, definitely better than HN ($109 for two years).

  • This model is more than enough for general vacuum, we have had it for more than three years now, never had any issue with it.

  • Been using the V8 for 4.5 years. I reckon it was the point where I think a stick vacuum can replace the traditional ones.
    4.5 years later, it failed. Because we got the extended warranty from Harvey Norman (up to 5 years) so we got a full refund (got it for $589 at the time).
    Then we use the money for a V10 at $799. Not a crazy upgrade in terms of power but it's a good to have imo.
    As others have mentioned, it's the old flagship. I reckon it's still a good stick vacuum cleaner but you might also want to consider the V10 when it drops to $799.

    • Did you buy the extended warranty for V10 as well?

      • Yes we did. Based on our experience with the V8. Just for a peace of mind.

        • Wow! How much was the 5year extra warranty for your V8 originally and now the V10?

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            @rsth: It's a 3-year store warranty on top of the 2 year Dyson warranty. You can see the warranty pricing on the retailer's website.

  • If you struggle to pricematch, Dysons Trademe store are also offering it at $599

  • I suggest going for the V10s . A 200 sqm house is easily covered by the V10(lowest setting, which is enough for most of the cases), with at least 30% battery left.
    And better design too.

  • V6,7,8 are the best
    V10 battery and suction is great, but the material is rubbish
    Never tried v11 and v15. Expensive af

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    • I was going to share this too!! You beat me to it :) can get $10 off with the current promo code

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    Thanks, I just picked it up from NL for $589 (priced matched with Farmers). I read and watched a lot of reviews, the V10 extra battery life is probably better for our sized house but I couldn't justify the extra cost. The suction seems really good on the V8 even compared to our Miele corded.

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