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700 Brownie Points @ Ben & Jerry's (Inside Scoop Members)


Totally not an x-post from OzBargain.

If you are an 'Inside Scoop' member, you should've received 700 Brownie Points ($7 NZD). That amount is able to afford the 'Kid's Scope' which is a single flavour of Ben & Jerry's in a waffle cone. This is valid for a week only, starting from yesterday.

If you're also like me and forgot this exists, you may still have the 200 Brownie Points you should've gotten from signup, allowing you barely to get 2 flavours instead for $8.90.

If you haven't heard of this loyalty program, I don't blame you. However, if you wish to signup, take note that the 100 extra points earned from entering a referral code also have an expiry date (which I don't know the length of).

Enjoy the taste of overly expensive ice cream.

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Referral: random (73)

100 Brownie Points for referrer and referee.

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  • I've got points from referring someone last November still in my account, so it's a decent amount of time… so if they do expire, then maybe 12 months?

    I'll be using my points for this though, otherwise they'll probably just sit there and expire. I don't buy it otherwise!

    • I signed up back when they had the 'spin the wheel' promotion, in November of last year. It seems my referral points have expired, in addition to the free prize I received from the said promotion (expected). In my defence, I was still living in Nelson, which didn't even have a store. And yea might as well spend them while you can.

      • Hi. Does that 700 points expires after this promotion?

  • My partner got this email but I didn't (I signed up last year). Wonder if this is targeted?

    • Mine went to my spam folder.

  • +3

    $7 for a single kids scoop of icecream … I wonder why people can't afford to buy houses ?? Fools and their money….

    • It's expensive but I don't think a $7 icecream is the difference between being able to afford a house or not.

      • +4

        A single one isn't, but take 2 kids and 2 adults and you're at more than $30
        Every weekend adds up to over $1500
        I think @Rabid was referring to little habbits like this that add up over time. People thinking "its just a few bucks"

        • I agree - taking a family of four is a ridiculous amount of money for icecream.
          If you did this every weekend though you would have rocks in your head to spend $1500 on a treat, particularly if you are trying to buy a house.
          I was treating it as a one off.

          • +3

            @bigcheese: probably why we all belong on this bargin hunting website haha

            • @Tmurder91: Yep - take the family of four and use four 'Brownie Point allocations' to get it for nothing!
              That's what I'll be doing!

  • +1

    Super easy to redeem here in Wellington

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