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$0 Udemy Courses: Minimalist Lifestyle, Python, Videoscribe Whiteboard Animations, Drawing Cartoon, Proofreading, OpenCV & More


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  1. [Spanish] [ 6h 4m] Curso PHP Proyecto web usuarios y roles Patron mvc
  2. [Spanish] [1h 34m] Cómo Crear una Tienda Online con WordPress Desde Cero 2022
  3. [Arabic] [7h 54m] Learn PHP Development | Arabic [عربي]
  4. [Arabic] [8h 40m] Flutter 2.2 برنامج كامل للشركات باستعمال الفلاتر و فايربيز
  5. [Turkish] [2h 10m] Bitcoin ve Kripto Para Uzmanlığı


  1. [11h 11m] YouTube Marketing, YouTube Ranking & Adobe Premier Pro Guide
  2. [4h 45m] Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads Course 2022: The Art of Selling
  3. [9h 32m] SEO Training for Beginners: Learn SEO & Local SEO Fast & Fun
  4. [10h 16m] Introduction into Facebook Marketing & Facebook Advertising
  5. [3h 57m] The Complete Nonverbal Communication Course - Body Language
  6. [1h 21m] The Complete Proofreading Course: Editing and Proofreading
  7. [5h 36m] Minimalist Lifestyle - Complete Course - Decluttering Life
  8. [2h 35m] Live Streaming - The Complete Course - Zoom Twitch OBS Skype
  9. [1h 53m] Bootstrap 5 Course: Build Responsive Websites like a Pro
  10. [2h 4m] Python for Deep Learning: Build Neural Networks in Python
  11. [2h 4m] Python for Deep Learning: Build Neural Networks in Python
  12. [ 4h 21m] Practical Database Course for Beginners : 6 courses in 1
  13. [14h 6m] The Art Of Drawing Cartoon Comic Strips [NEW]
  14. [41m] First Steps Into Public Speaking
  15. [8h 58m] Complete Cubase Megacourse: Beginner to Expert
  16. [36m] DaVinci Resolve 17: Video editing course for beginners
  17. [3h 40m] R Programming : Data Analysis and Visualisations using R
  18. [1h 55m] Videoscribe Whiteboard Animations : MasterClass With Project
  19. [3h 31m] Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022: Video Editing for Beginners
  20. [33m] Project Management: Cost & Schedule Monitoring using EVM
  21. [3h 19m] Filmora 11/X/9: Zero to Hero in Video Editing (2022)
  22. [4h 0m] OpenCV and Java: Build a Webcam Biofeedback Game
  23. [1h 45m] Book of Romans: By Apostle Paul & 16 Life Changing Lessons!
  24. [39m] How To Produce A Low Budget Independent Feature Film!
  25. [54m] Being Independent Movie Director
  26. [2h 39m] How To Edit A Feature Film By Yourself
  27. [1h 0m] How To Design A Great Movie Poster That Works
  28. [1h 39m] How To Make Independent Feature Film On A Budget
  29. [1h 44m] NFT Gold Rush
  30. [3h 59m] Udemy Course Creation - Udemy Instructor Guide (Unofficial)
  31. [5h 12m] Python for beginners - Learn all the basics of python
  32. [4h 8m] HTML & CSS - Certification Course for Beginners
  33. [47m] NGINX Web Server from Scratch
  34. [11h 13m] Complete Fingerstyle Guitar Megacourse: Beginner to Expert
  35. [1h 39m ] Practical Ho'oponopono Workshop
  36. [2h 24m] Control Your Subconscious Mind: Neuroscience Hidden Secrets
  37. [3h 46m] Data Manipulation in Python: Master Python, Numpy & Pandas
  38. [2h 28m] Python for Machine Learning: The Complete Beginner's Course
  39. [3h 46m] Data Manipulation in Python: Master Python, Numpy & Pandas
  40. [1h 53m ] Bootstrap 5 Course: Build Responsive Websites like a Pro
  41. [4h 3m] Italian for Beginners: Become an effective Italian speaker!

Amazon US - Strategic - 6 eBooks
Amazon US - Practical C Programming (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99)
Amazon US - Learn WordPress (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99)
Amazon US - Web Design with HTML5 and CSS (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99)
Amazon US - Python Projects (Free with Kindle Unlimited or $0.99)

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  3. [21h 36m] Data Analysis with Pandas and Python $9.99
  4. [58h 3m] Learn to Code with Python $9.99
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  7. [27h 5m ] The Complete English Language Course Improve Spoken English $9.99
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  • Appreciate the share. I always like to pick up a course or two when they are free or cheap!

  • +1

    Most English courses show up as $12.99 for me. Like the bootstrap one.

    Is it working for anyone else?

  • I clicked a couple, not working.

    • There are a few deals still working right now but yes most of the coupons seemed to have been used now (limited to 1000 per code).
      Normal etiquette is to report the deal as expired though, not downvote it.

  • All the ones I tried are now used up (hit the 1000 redemption limit), but thanks for posting OP - my fault for being too slow!

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